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Ten as being the first spot that you could see someone trading up to there seemed to be the team depending on how aggressive they want to be. I can see a lot of different places. People could go if they really want the quarterback they could it could chicken at five teams traded up. You have to pick one. And that's what i picked. You could certainly see denver. Carolina denver wants to move from nine to eight. Let's make it now because when the draft rolls around and you're seeing you guys still there that you want to help sam darnold. That's a great opportunity. Denver gets the quarterback because somebody else would have jumped into that spot. If they didn't so they go from eight to nine. Now you get souls there. I'm taking him. he's the left. Tackle that sam darnold needs but if he goes to cincinnati then you help sam and you get that receiver of devante smith great. Let's help sam. let's finally. can somebody please help. Sam darnold the jets didn't let south carolina does listen. You know how strongly. I agree with that. I am rooting for that. To work out that way for donald. Stay close guys. We have so much more to do on. This also remind you got baseball coming your way tonight. A doubleheader on espn phillies. Advance at seven eastern bolivar west coast game the reds and giants game two of their three-game series tonight on espn and all the action is also on the espn app. Coming up as julian edelman walks away from the nfl. Jeff has a tremendous story for you. That involves champagne. Bill belichick and a super bowl celebration. You won't want wanna miss it. Plus he won back to back rings playing with homes and brady. We'll talk about the nfl's wild off season with leshan mccoy shady joins us next and we will indoctrinate him and get up fashion as he has to go head to head with hembo. Here's the question which player leshan mccoy. Led the nfl in scrimmage yards for the decade from two thousand ten to two thousand and twenty. That's the question we'll see if you get the answer right. Act back on. Get up in big news yesterday. Julian edelman announce he's retiring after twelve. Nfl season started as a seventh round. Pick played his entire career in new england carved out quite a legacy leaving foxborough with six hundred twenty catches. Second most in team history behind. Wes welker three time super bowl champion over. Fourteen hundred playoff receiving yards only player with more all times. Jerry rice delman announcing his retirement on twitter. Yesterday i'm always said.

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