James Allison, Cancer, Fox News discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Arrived on scene, we did find several individuals Atta swim club private swim club who had been overcome with fumes from the pool. Chemical is Harare county. Fire captains stands Ziglar says initially seven victims were critical all are now expected to recover a malfunctioning chlorinating system is suspected Asian stocks closed Thursday lower. Dow futures are off more than one hundred points, Fox News, fair and balanced. This is HouseCall for health using the body's own immune system to fight cancer is considered the most promising new treatment James Allison has been working in this field for twenty years. And now he's wanna Nobel for it. Sort of a state of shock Allison's team found that antibodies can be put to work to unleash the buys cancer fighting t cells he did his work at UC, Berkeley and shears the award with Japanese researcher to sequel Honjo, basic scientists to see my work, actually. Three years later, actually, really really helping patients Alison celebrates not just the prize. But knowing that his research has saved lives. Dr just a shout out to all our patients out there. Or suffered from cancer to let them know that there were you're making progress now for more health news gotta foxnewshealth dot com. Housecall for health. I'm Elliot Fox News. South.

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