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That's a case of hoarding. But how many pets is too many? And how many have you had 1 800 to 831 on 1.53 48, New Jersey Fast traffic. Fellow Friday. Traffic is in pretty bad shape along the park. We already Clifton down to Woodbridge. More delays 1 17 19 and then south of 15.82 plenty of pockets a slow traffic. This report is sponsored by Allstate looking to save money this year. Look at all state. You can get the protection you need at the low rate you want. Visit Allstate dot com or call an agent. For quote today, not a thunderstorm activity started to pop up that's really starting to have an impact on the traffic. Both Spurs of the turbine really tough down to the car and the truck lanes more crowding up, Elizabeth down the quarter activity seven. A really slow ride heading down to 78. Then from 22 down to 4 40 78 westbound traffic at the parkway heading out to watch on the now past 27 2. Oh, six. Especially slow to a Hillsborough, leaving New Jersey. The worst of it. The George Washington Bridge. 45 minutes upstairs, 30 minutes down. Path Service still suspended. Hoboken World Trade Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North Elmira, New Jersey traffic South. It's still a mess in Mercer County in the Lawrence as section and affected is also the site of viewing. And what's going on is to 95 being closed off Since this morning. Late this morning to 95 North is shut down at exit 68 Princeton Pike. We have traffic jammed into the closure, pointed exit, 69/2. Oh, six. It stays closed all the way through the route 31 at exit 72, where we had an accident this morning, a dumb truck flipping over hitting a sign of fire involved as well. The cleanup is still continuing. And the backups are messy. So once again that's 2 95 on the northbound side jammed at exit 68 up 32 exit 72 We have delays at 206 from Franklin Corner Road. Big time. If you're on the Ewing side, go with 31. On the alarm side. Take Princeton Pike. One is backed up with normal rush hour traffic outbound from Quaker Ridge Road down through to Franklin Corner Road. It's also going to be rough for you in Logan Township, South Jersey. 3 22 is a messy scene in Logan Township with the emergency roadwork happening in 2 95 south at Exit. 11 Down to exit 10 slow with repairs. New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 403 on New Jersey one a 1.5 New Jersey one on 1.5 instant weather. Got a nice weekend coming up, but before then we stay here. But this afternoon positive times from Sun Couple of heavy thunderstorms will be around.

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