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By your fraternity. I want to see other people's rough one. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it was if he'll too big, it's way too vague. When a guy says that had a promise ring. For the future, and you think about what what is the guy think is going to happen with the other people? What's he trying to do with the other people. I don't know. I imagine like grab it Tich or two involving part of it. That is certainly apart sim wig, abide, rough rejection for you know, I mean, there's too many to even count on you get into. Oh, you didn't even want it. Come on. Give us a rough rejection. The worst was this. I went to USC like you. In fact, I actually teach at USC the week, what class? It's a class, creating the head podcast. I know like it right jed. The animals from I'm from Hassett also. Well, that's like little the same exact trajectory except that you're a lot five. It's been Hassett as where are used to go to Benny HANA on my God, right, right down the street from me, there. They're still there. So worse rejection was this. This was at USC. And in my fraternity we have with the called invites where you invite a girl from sorority to to to like a formal type event. And I for this girl, her name's Danielle and had a huge crush on her. She was a Theta, our pledges. What I had them do was I had them come up with a song that I had a few musical people in my class. We had a few saxophone players. We had this whole song and dance little number going to the tune of of Frank Sinatra's the way you look tonight, but will you will you be my day to my invite was the was the was we turn it into a rough one end. Well, that's not gonna. So the entire sorority came out all hundred girls. I had all the pledges come out. They had a few saxophonists who, and they. That could play the saxophone at one play the clarinet and they sang this song and Danielle came out, everyone is cheering and and at the end of it, she said, yes, at the time. And then then called me later, say my daughter did that to somebody it was. So it was. It was like I was on top of the world and then I was crushed. My daughter did that to someone, they made a really bold high school dance gesture like that. And then she's like, there was no way to say no because it was in front of that's what it was. Yeah, that's. That's the that this goes back to my like gestures. Yes, the Iranians never ever again, how are you at the stadium? And Lenka dude is like, and it's like, that's why my wife for the board does what we were at an igloo feel like that's consideration would have been so fine. She said, no, because I'm not in Alaska with her looking at e. Eagles as we do..

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