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Obama administration Hillary supporter on morning Joe every single day the warm way is the wrong way let me if you would just like a paragraph from The New York Times today thank you for providing us ms worn with yet more evidence that a warm presidency is a terrifying prospect one brought closer by your surge in the polls her presidency a terrifying prospect wow of one I'll bomb a person boy that's how weird is that end of the world of sport Los Angeles Chargers owner dean Spanos pro family denied a report that the NFL team could potentially relocate to London saying quote it's total effing VS we're not going to London we're not going anywhere were playing in Los Angeles this is our home and this is where we are planning to be for a long effing time period all rights that's plenty of bombs or in a speaking of obscenities a special invitation special invitation for Chargers fans I'm going to say a sentence but I'm gonna leave a blank at the end and you can shout whatever word you like you in your home or in your car dean Spanos is a real there you go hope you enjoy that news I'm Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show the conscience of the nation I heard a lot of good ideas out there one was a reference to male genitals one was the **** what yep that's a good one too good I'm hearing lots a good idea there's no wrong answers here that's right yes in the morning and you said as the morning console pulled it so yeah ninety percent of the hour expect morning counsel yeah well they won't but such uncharted territory yeah yeah well when I was eighteen I expected to date Jessica Biel vacations don't always shake hands with reality as the day gets there your tires only half an extra crowd does your at seventy percent which should be just know nobody's ever seen that sort of thing before along here it again is tightly packed as those numbers were sixty five would be us sounding for seventy forget it rewrite the record books well that's what happens when there's a new record price and it would anyway more on that study that we're willing to lie for sex that is so shocking coming up on the Armstrong and get a few strong and getting on KGO eight buy your man see sleep world it's mark Nero an auto body traffic desk starting with that west bound for commute which is lingering a bit because of a crash near Bailey in the left hand lane it slows your pro to seen there in will stay slow to willow.

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