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Welcome along to the rice in post football, postcards. I'm Dave Clark to invite colleagues Motlanthe than then shelves in. In the studio, we've got Malecki Rooney on the lawn for my friends at Patty pound, we're going to look Saturday's games, and I'm gonna mitt kickoff arsenal against twelve thirty kickoff Malecki, give us some process for that one place. So so the Sean favorite here at one to five the draws eleven to two on Borneo outsiders at fourteen to one also see here Donald tally cariballo boy, a rival spos-. What are your thoughts on this market? Yes. So it was a poor result and performance or any fires at the weekend against that happen as well. And they looked at a little bit out of sorts offensively. And they should have enough in that game to get a draw. And then last night I taught sports quite good in the game. And the system cancer second gold when he was just in the pitch at how it was absolutely fantastic. But Dopp being San like did they create enough to feel that they should have got adroit of? I I didn't think so I thought sports were were a lot stronger than them and completely I played them. And Bernie I wanted the worst teams in the league. Like, I I would expect them to go down. And that actually be, you know, unexpected points rock bottom after seventy games they've been very very poor unsound matches. I don't see them having enough about them to keep us allies. And probably the best they can hope for here sadaqa as long as possible, but everything eventually action the welcome dying similar to sports that last week. And if they do get a goal maybe little bit earlier than spores dick radio pin them up. Seventy six percent of arson schools. Have come the second half the season. So don't think the panic at the beginning of the game trying to seek an early goal, and you know. Concede and five in the last to take our sincerity focus could be on on just in showing they start the game defensively organized and don't give up any opportunities in the first twenty minutes. So I I've gone for a little bit of a novelty pick radio I've gone highest scoring half to be the second half around even money, Mark. And maybe you of odds-on, I think that's that's a bet you're gonna get great run out of the. See that being caught a popular pet is that also bubble bursts to we think she'll ever really at the wrong. Until you see somebody..

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