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Didn't anticipate accurately the cost of sweaters, so don't write down the item right down the dollar amount. And put a dollar amount next to every person on your list. Now, when you're done, add it all up and is the total dollar Less or equal to what you had said in the beginning you would spend in total If it is, then you're ready to shop. But if the total you now have exceeds the amount you had earlier said you wanted to spend you need to start cutting. You either need to remove people from your list entirely or you need to reduce the amount of money they were going to spend on individual people on the list. You gotta work at it to get the numbers down. Where it matches what you said you would spend Now here's something else you got to keep in mind. You must factor and three additional costs that everybody forgets, but it adds up number one. The cost of sales tax, depending on the state where you live. This could add 23456% to your budget number two. Wrapping paper and cards. And ribbons. You're going to spend money on all that. So add it all up number three shipping expenses. If you're going to be incurring those costs you need to recognize between all of those you could add 10 to 20% to your budget causing you to overspend. How do you a deal of that You simply Acknowledge it. When you talk about the amount of money you're going to spend per person lower that number by 10 or 20%, so it inherently allows you some wiggle room to pay for these extra related costs. It's really that simple. Now there's one final element that used to be very effective. But it only worked in a pre Internet age. I used to tell people go to the bank go to the A. T. M Take you amount of money You said you would spend.

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