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Randstad an organization that works with companies to find survivors who had need good jobs has an excellent program called higher hope. We've used this program, we know that it works in addition to training their flight attendants, and they're airline crew. Delta Airlines also offers sky miles through a program called sky wish to survivors to help them escape their traffickers and reunite with their families. Their of things that businesses can do. They just have to decide what to do. Join the fight. No one can justify slavery today, but I believe it remains one of the greatest civil rights atrocities of our time. Fortunately, the business community is uniquely positioned to help train their employees to enforce policies and to help us their special resources to fight human trafficking. And what about you? What if you decided to learn the red flags? What if you decided to look at the signs that are all around you and make a call? There is no penalty for calling law enforcement when you see something that doesn't sit right. Together, we can all protect our children. We can educate the workforce is around us and improve society where we all live and work. With john. Thank you. For more TED talks Ted dot com.

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