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All you want but probably need to invest more security to stop people from jumping the rails and attacking wrappers in the ring And maybe not. Do the social influencer matches with boxing. Gloves on like that was kind of a weird thing that turns some people out but He was a big talking point over the weekend. What chad that is very weird to do. A the name of the promotion is bare knuckle. Boxing glosses pretty odd. Yeah i picked babe. They kind of realized that right away. But i actually got more excited for those fights as they went on and then as the week went on and then the gloves came on i was like i don't know how this is going to go over but that was this past weekend. We're gonna move ahead to this weekend's action the point around to goes to. I gotta give it to jed for a couple of reasons. I thought he presented his arguments very well and plus he called me out. Made me look like an idiot and i gotta take so sure does it. Hopefully he's ion williamson is doing okay. After friday on williamson gets in the b. cap. See ring because i'll tune in for that. I'll pay money. Zayn can't believe that. Zion thomson my apologies to mr tomlinson. Hope he's doing okay. That was a scary scene on friday night. But look and i know we typically do this on the show. But we're not gonna do it this week. there's no need to. We're not gonna play the you have c. versus belot or comparison game this weekend. Judaism going head to head. Because let's be honest. There is no competition here. There are certainly some interesting. Matchups on the vegas thirty-three card but top to bottom from main event down. If i'm only watching one and i don't think i'm alone here it's ballatore and this one isn't even close in my is the main event of course for the featherweight title. Patrizio pit bull versus. Aj mckee grand prix. Finale million bucks in the line. The storylines are there. It's just good stuff. The press conference is out of control towards the end..

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