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Else wears, you know? So yeah, and then I guess when I went to secondary school, which was a private school that's people with a lot of wealth. And that's probably when you became much more aware of it. Yeah, but I wasn't wearing it in the sense that, oh, I need it. I just became aware of people who have money and what you don't. And for me, it was and having that someone handled it, I guess I didn't protect us from this kind of coveting money for the sake of money. A few things that happen throughout my life, I guess my father's early connection with the mass sheet. That really kind of helped us all that despite looking after two children in his own having jobs, et cetera. He was still involved in the message in Charlotte Hamilton luxury. And he was involved from a point of if there was any dispute or the mushi was a running properly. You know, he didn't take a back seat. He was a very proactive in terms of getting involved in the match to set right what was perceived as a wrong. And I saw them when I was a young child singing my dad getting involved because he saw something wrong and he wanted to change it. Then when I went to secondary school at harm that I was very fortunate that the second school I went to, there was a number of older Muslims that went there, marcella, who went on to become very active in our communities that left a lasting impression on me, you know, I wanted to do the same school as a barber and bob. It wasn't just ball barns and it was a number of the Muslims as well. He was the mammal doubling. When had become he was at the school as well, there's a number of people that we have this kind of tradition of we did you mind our main hall our assembly hall. And I kind of saw that Muslims young Muslims themselves getting involved and having salivary day and being organized..

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