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What's up? So my fiance, and I we started financial peace. Janury fifteenth were just finishing baby step one, and we're selling everything we don't need. So on the side, I make would and my question is is would that be considered a good side hustle and there so? How would you recommend as far as? Being sold the help bring income and so we can start working on her dead. No, the only way it's a good side. Hustles to the extent it makes you money. Correct. So you're making money. Not much at a little here and there, but something is better than not not really not doing it and doing something that makes you more money might be better. So you either need to get the your side hustle into gear and get it to making money or otherwise, it's a it's a causa hobby when when you run around doing stuff, you don't make making money that's called a hobby. So if you want to give this up and really get selling and build you a website get things moving get your production up on your side hustle. And let's start making some serious Bank with it to where you get the idea that maybe even at your fulltime career someday. I mean, let's get to go on. And if you can get that going. I mean, you you didn't make fifteen twenty thousand dollars a year on your side hustle. And when you get that going, then you then, you know, you gotta side hustle. But when you're making five hundred dollars every six months, that's not a side. So that's a hobby. Kathleen is whether it's in Norfolk Virginia. Hi, Kathleen, how are you? I'm doing well. Thank you for taking my call. How are you better than I deserve? What's up? So the good news is my husband has recently taken a job that he's making quite a bit of money. Good. And and however, we're at odds as to how to treat the two deaths that we have one is our mortgage and the other is another mortgage. And that's the reason I'm calling the mortgage is on a small apartment building. And I've been treating that baby step three. But wondering if we should actually be moving into baby steps four. So I don't know what to do. You mean? Baby. Step two. I'm sorry. Baby..

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