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Thirty five a sentencing hearing is expected to be under way this morning for the Coast Guard lieutenant accused of stockpiling guns and drafting a hit list of prominent Democrats in TV journalists fifty year old Christopher hacen has pleaded guilty to firearms and drug offenses prosecutors of recommended a twenty five year prison sentence they've called a domestic terrorist and self described white nationalist who was intent on carrying out mass killings but they did not file any terrorism related charges against him the number of American service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injury from the Iranian missile attack on the Iraqi base this month where Americans were house is still growing the Pentagon now says sixty four service members have been diagnosed with the injuries up from fifty reported earlier this week joint chiefs chairman general mark Millie's as all the injuries are categorized as mild but in some cases the troops will be monitored for the rest of their lives one of the highest dollar vacancies in the federal government is now filled as we hear from federal news networks Tom tenant the general services administration has named Julie done as commissioner of its federal acquisition service she's been on the job is acting the office carries out much of federal procurement policy and overseas contracts through which the government spends a couple of hundred billion dollars a year done succeeds Alain Thomas who left in October GSA's in the midst of several projects to modernize acquisition including establishment of E. commerce market places for the government similar to Amazon and consolidating twenty four multiple award contracts schedules into one both projects will change things a lot for both government and contractors as a house staff member done helped write the legislation mandating the policies shall help carry out we've got more federal news network dot com Bruce and John investors are apparently a little worried about coronavirus so at the moment in the early going on Wall Street the Dow was down two hundred seventeen points the nasdaq off for the S. and P. five hundred down fourteen and coming.

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