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And it was from the people that also. You know? I haven't talked him in a in a very very, yeah. Which was just brutal. Here's one of the nicest men in the world. He's been opening for Seinfeld. Okay. So he's back out. Yeah. I tried to get him at the club. No answer. I just love me. So funny. And and then that was short lived. And then I ended up by dishing for for ratio. I was thirty five it was in ninety five. Yeah. And he got very lucky. Well, that the character was so like, you know, you know, you made it your own. But there was the the comedy chops of it. You know, that sort of slow burn deadpan, you know, thing what was great is that like, I don't know that that's really what you do. But you so versed in the style that you know, you really built a character that guys, you know, rights that was kind of it. They were not they gonna million was tough to get the dish in because they just didn't see it. And and that was you know, they didn't know my stand. Up a lot of people didn't and I hadn't met Ray better off though in retrospect, much better off much better off. And you didn't know Ray. I did not I did not. And I got it. Joined with Ray for life return ity 'cause McLean is such a good, man. I he's doing some amazing work. Great guy. Just a great guy. Now, I change. That's what that's why. I really love him. It's like he's the same guy. It's hard not to change its very funny. Like, you know, obviously, some things have changed in the external of like, why me I think is quality of life changed, obviously. But I mean, there's a Casio watch. Okay, casio. Where's he live bread? It's not nice. No. But I mean like I love him points. But what I'm saying? Is that stage? I dunno. I dunno. Yeah. Not gonna get it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. You're right. But he's a decent guys. He's like, you know, a religious, dude. He's grounded in things. You know? He's he's a he's he's definitely one of the great. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's and the show is great. You did good did good. I'm grateful unless. I'm lucky I've worked hard. Let me ask. You some shirt the the final season of till death. Yeah. We did. You did. What was that? Like people just sort of like fuck, you go crazy crazy how I mean? It was sort of like, you know, it was what it was. You know, it wasn't successful. But they acted on because you wanted to try to sure across the finish line. Sure. But it seemed like that fourth season was just like the writing like pushed over the top and away, and And like, you know. breaking the fourth wall and all that stuff up. It was almost experimental. It was experimental and desperate and pushed and we had four show runners in for years, and they just couldn't capture really my voice, you know, working with Jolie was she's amazing. Yeah. Fearless. And we had a great chemistry, and it was fun. We just didn't really know what we were doing. I just come off, Raymond. And to be honest. I could have been. I really knew what I wanted. Right. And I knew what the network wanted. And I felt I was gracious with the cast the people involved, and when it kept changing show runners. Yeah, I just I bucked the lot of it. And and oversteered and my my. You know, my micromanaging kind of kicked in controlling issues kicked in because I came up such a wonderful show where writing was really incredible. And I felt this kind of started really really large. It's you know, it's like you Phil Rosenthal. Who ran Raymond? He was like could this happen? That's how every story..

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