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During the trump administration so look forward to our new shows vaccine free now. I don't know. I premises but welcome to the program We welcome you guys. Had a great weekend. We recorded these on mondays. That's why i say that. And you hear them on wednesday sometimes thursday so by the time you hear this Joe biden will either have a bulletin his head coach. No no no no. No no no no. No you know what the show has done. You know it. It only does it for people that are not in the in the conversation. That's the only time it really affects play. Yeah i'm saying that. I'm i'm i'm responding to some of the crazy talk that is happening on the world wide web. That people are trying to like if we if we mentioned chuck mangione like then he might die. That's unless he's already dead. Why did you specifically pick that name. Do you want something happened with weaker that you want him to die. No i'm just gonna keep saying you know like if Let's just say mel gibson for example. That's not likely to happen but I don't know it could right. You never know. Yeah i mean you think mel gibson's wearing a mask. No no way. Maybe one from that movie. Did you wear a mask. A movie of yes. The man in the iron mask their mask right. Yeah he walks around and that one was he not and that was leonardo dicaprio. Isn't that movie. Milk mel gibson were a mask in some movie In that thing where he's never take our freedom. Did he wear a masks in that movie where he had a had a messed up face. Which did he wear masks. And that's what we're thinking of. What is the phantom of the opera. No no what is that movie called. What the heck was the movie. I'm going to work. I do think he may have been wait. Was leonardo di caprio. Was he the titular man in the iron mask and also the twin wasn't there. There are twins in that movie and he played two characters. Okay i but my neighbor with the multi face raw. Sounds like an answer. A clue from oliver's game four eight south korea. It's called my neighbor face the man without a face Okay so wrong. Asking any point during that that's really all we need to know. I don't i think he does. Because it's it's about a guy whose faces deformed all right well and now he's views are so it Now probably always work. We just didn't know about it now. We wish them luck. We wish him luck with the never. Enough money curse. I'm more concerned with chuck mangione. You may have done something with nanjiani. Is he alive. That's the main question. There's no question shipman joins alive. There's no question in my mind is dead. He's alive in my heart. Okay good Jones song seconds.

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