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A neat so there's every person with any money who cares about their health in the uk also has private health insurance and in cuba they just pay doctors on the side all serious healthcare in cuba is taking care of on the black market people pay for it because that's that's the way to get the best care at the lowest price it a socialist medicine uh in a way that is unacceptable intolerable a bridges are liberty it also makes the cost of healthcare increase dramatically it also makes the quality of care decreased dramatically doesn't promote my general welfare i don't think next question from andy hay michael on a college sophomore in one of the classes i'm taking is basically a crash course on postmodernism spray all the classes you're taking for example last week our classes were about the myth of meritocracy and white male privilege these people genuinely hate and looked down on the idea of individualism and being able to improve the circumstances in your life threerun effort they really believe that we live in a society that only benefits rich white straight and christian males i probably missed some how do i pushback on these ideas it seems like a very dangerous ideology to buy into because they're obsessed with their own perceive paradigm amix also are there any bookstore to cools that you would recommend for me yeah absolutely it is a horrible ideology ideology in general isn't something that we should look toward that we should embrace but this is a particularly rough one we are the only society we in the west that hates itself especially america we hate ourselves and our history and uh you know on history we are also the most frequently wrong and least often in doubt uh you don't see china hate itself you don't see japan hate itself you don't see uh eat a lot of countries and a lot of places around the world hate themselves and and yet in the west we judge ourselves we are judged by our worst moments in whereas other societies were told we have to judge them by their best moments so they always say in the way they said well you know there was the spanish inquisition in the west there were the crusade.

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