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Get through the system. So you have a health plan. You have a quick here. You see southwest, medical whatever. No problem. They're open till seven o'clock at night, eight o'clock at night in most cases, not twenty four hours six seven or eight. What I do is. I go to my quick care. Located up on today. They close at seven. I get there at six fifteen. They can't turn you away yet. They'll see you and you'll be out of there by seven thirty two latest. If you go to a quick here early in the morning when everybody's there you could be there three or four hours. But if you go there when they're ready to close, it's amazing how you get in and out, and it's timely fashion. My wife, and I went at seven thirty seven when we were playing we walked into the quick Karen Rancho by eight forty five we were home. These are ways to use the system legally the right way. But let's go twits talk more on the surprise medical bills. So President Trump on Wednesday instructed administrative administration officials to investigate how to prevent surprise medical bills broadening his focused on drug prices to include other issues of price transparency in healthcare. Now, I don't understand why we don't have that transparency. They should have their numbers published and not. Multiple numbers one number. This is what we charge, and you know, what if they if they had uniform fees. We'd all know where we're at an would also determine what kind of help plan you could buy right? Short further in the story surprised building by the practice of charging patients for care that is more expensive than a -ticipant or not covered by the insurance has received a flood of attention in the past year, particularly as Kaiser health news and other news organizations have undertaken investigations at the patients most outrageous medical bills before I go further. Let me give you when limb formation. You.

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