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Dr colonel you for metro health university of Michigan health told us on the show a couple days ago where the case is robin is good news and that the death rate may be a little high here this next week to ten days going back to when we hit our peak with the court cases in the state of Michigan especially in that five six county Detroit metro area so there's some light at the end of the tunnel Dr Fauci add a comment in an article at CBSSports dot com at pro sports in America may be able to come back this summer but no crowds no fans allowed and the players would need to be confined to a hotel we had a team would take over more of the league and they would all be confined there all the players together so that's interesting and it kind of fits what Major League Baseball is talking about using their spring training facilities in Arizona and Florida I'm sure they have hotels they work with they block off three four months in unfortunately those players won't see their families we'll be making a sacrifice for the paychecks I get the games they play to make a left just like some people haven't had their businesses open or they've lost their jobs there are sacrifices on all levels in America right now in this fight against a coronavirus so you can take the NHL you could take the MBA I don't think Vegas would work for the MBA you don't need to a place of high traffic but you're the MBA you go find an area where you know long as you've got TV going you don't need a monster twenty thousand seat arenas you just need buildings and it could be even some bigger high schools at the TV coverage could be higher because that's why they're going to play the gang silence Beyonce Major League Baseball the MBA trying to finish up their season in the NHL will be about their TV deals and there will be incredible interest even without France show the NHL floated that idea of going to North Dakota using a couple ranks there and playing in their sixteen team playoffs NBA and talked about Vegas they might find another spot where in proximity there's two or three or four four thousand seat high school gyms big Jim's whatever they are then they could finish off their season and look let's say July and August and they do a playoff run which normally would have been April metal into the gym these are all best case scenarios at the corona virus doesn't flare up and then you quarantine confine those players to that hotel area they will be able to go out on the town fans will be allowed so you're able to finish the season which by getting the T. V. money those teams in those leagues are able to place third people to pay the players that's not a bad concept for doctor Fauci to even bring that up I think is the more light at the end of the tunnel I really do and then governor pence another story at CBSSports dot com college presidents have told the vice president of the United States that college sports will not return until students return to campus and it's going to be interesting based on statements now some schools might come back in areas where there is an a rampant pandemic outbreak but the sports side of the NC double lay here here and they won't come back unless everybody's on board they're not gonna start planes they will bet school Montana is the only school playin No I but those schools it will be interesting in areas because I think opening up the economy it's going to be different it is going to be based on areas of growth of cases beyond medical numbers that show it's not growing hi spot to be treated differently and rightfully so same like you would do in any emergency flood hurricane tornado earthquake whatever you do you have an earthquake in LA you're not gonna shut down the entire state in order to shut down San Francisco because there's an earthquake in LA that's why I believe the come back here will be based on areas but in terms of sports which we covered the country with franchises in a lot of different cities in the NC double line their only option is that their education first the Celtics no matter what you think about the power college sports and Matt Mitchell the head football coach at grand valley state university in Allendale the west of the state told us at last Thursday on the show he was on a conference call and he agrees with that so in in the international flavor of students at schools and universities and colleges across the country and faculty members that's a tough one PGA has announced in the coming back in the night we're gonna do without fans because they want to get the TV money and the players want to earn a paycheck and there may be something with the sponsor getting the TV deal that's why the sponsor money's going to be there for the paycheck I don't think the PJ lives off the gate when it comes to the number of people coming in now again they're planning on June and the rocket mortgage in Detroit the rocket mortgage classic is going to go on without payments because of the T. V. money now on the LPGA tour I don't know if the TV money fuels the purses but I can see sponsors not walk away from the LPGA tour and we could see events that have no fence but you'll see him on TV that sponsor whether it's mired in the LPGA classic and other partners that their brains are along the eighteenth rain if you C. O. menos brand stands still get their exposure and there still will be away to have a donation made to local food pantries are there simply give program same thing with Dow they have the money or they don't need the fans at the Midland cut and I don't I don't mean that in a negative way but they have the resources to keep going and they get the dell brand globally and also they're bring in something the people to be able to watch sports on TV can you imagine live sports in I like what we're hearing without crowds and I think the return depending on where our country is that in the fall the return of high school sports may have a limit on crowds may have no friends at all to be safe in the fall and readdress that when you get to the start of winter sports and really you're talking high school football for the most part M. and you have a central family members of their some social distancing that the comeback will have restrictions and that's just a fact but it is encouraging to at least compared to where we were seventeen days ago and talks of upwards of a hundred to two hundred forty thousand people died in America to have doctor Fauci say Hey there's a way sports could return this summer the PGA tour announces that there's some hope and that's what I would take that's what else can we ask for I mention with the Michigan high school athletic association we're bringing in coaches on Wednesdays a talk about the impact of their seasons be a loss of a corona virus their communities our schools better players families in cherry ridge is one of the great softball coaches in Michigan in the history of the state at Wayland high school just south of grand rapids for listeners on one of six point one of Eminem thirteen forty the ticket in G. R. and she joins us live here on the huge radio network welcome in cherry thanks for having me here which and they showed up the image of a my friend mark your first set this all up here he's they're not here's here's what this is weighed heavy on his heart because he's a sports that he's an employer he's a sports guy he cares and he waited until the last minute and in sherry as I was mentioning in my opening hour monologue that when we do get the return of sports at all levels and whether it's my kids or whether it's a kids at Wayland or anywhere in Michigan and the college in the pro sports return it's going to be an unbelievable celebration of the games we love at all levels yeah it sure is and I think it was a tough situation for for mark you'll be N. but I knew once Wimbledon with cancel that way on top of what you're going to be playing any games so that was reality that's when reality set in the others in the international the the the delicate balancing act here is that you know the international side of a sport like Indy five hundred Wimbledon the Olympics versus a sport where there's not a lot of international flavor I think that's going to be on the on those comebacks are going to be interesting PGA tour golf naturally has you know distancing Anil softball baseball you're you're not on top of everybody unless there's a place in and a bag or the plate or you run into each other trying to make a catch are going after a ground ball it's got almost be like sport by sport in level by level how we inch back or come back swiftly that's yep okay great yeah it's been it's been a it has been tough for me the first two weeks are real tough and you know I cried like a baby just like if you look into my banquets but as I told my team we have to maintain a positive mindset showed some grit and will develop grit through zero one we were able to control and it's going to make a stronger I think it's going to make us appreciate this game a lot more well it would it would you give your team the positives okay the negatives are obvious a season canceled we don't know you know schools canceled I mean that the negatives you don't have to list but as a code share it Whelan what's your message in message to that Whelan softball team about the positives that gives those kids because I think these kids and I whether it's a third grader or whether it's a senior to be these kids they need some hope they need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel yeah well like I said we we've found out I didn't even have my team pick yeah we found out on Thursday sat down with the coaching staff well we wrote an email so I found out she many email in which was difficult to do we were we were scheduled to have meetings on Friday with each player to tell him where they landed and what teams so up you know the unfortunate part is right I wasn't even able to talk to them I've written three emails the first email is pretty short because we were hoping we'd be back the second email was much longer I just checked on the well being I told them to control what they can control I told him to be active focus on bettering themselves find the hero within themselves take care of their mindset and try to have the right mindset and then I have all kinds of criticisms I stole it from Hutch at Michigan she has touches of Hutchison's but he said told them to stay strong stay smart and do their part and now I actually have a new racism we have to go through it to get to it so in the third email was so long and it just took me so long as his team forty five twenty five of which I've been blessed to be able to coach so the third email was was really difficult and very long Michael Alexis to write a book and this will be a definite chapter in my book unlike so they only have one senior and I know you're given shout outs I really want to get this and I want to shout out to my once you were larger money no she kept in there can last year's choose going to most likely captain this year's team she's made huge strides in the offseason are hitting she she climbed from made like five in the line up to probably was going to hit one and two and I'd like to be able to say yeah this is my M. V. P. because of this year because and she's just a great great great kid great captain and not only that you know I I have a sh lu a boatload of sophomores this year in the future in years but you know I didn't even get to tell the freshmen and I want to shout out to her and she's Cammy marches sister plays at Aquinas college and then was having a great year and I had a client says catcher and then you might remember Rick Morris used a long time successful baseball coach at Wayland heat coach when I played so years ago but this is his granddaughter and I can't be more slots your dad just a little longer than a year ago it was really difficult but her dad was one of my best supporters and I I really wanted this kid to have four great years she just doesn't even know she made varsity so a big shout out right now to Kim Morris for making varsity and you know I sure have a great three years that's for sure sherry Riggs says wonderful coach probably more important off the field and on the field not downgrading her Hutch like skills down in the third base coaching box joining us on the huge across Michigan last week I mentioned on our Michigan high school athletic association Wednesday that when the settles down when we get back to as normal as possible.

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