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Backpacks for the street. We started two years ago by Jeffrey. Newman and Jason Connor. Volunteers typically gave out backpacks loaded with essentials like food water toiletries but now the backpacks are also been filled. Cleaned sock masks gloves. Hand sanitizer antibacterial wipes. Volunteers worked around the clock to help out. You know doing an interview yesterday and we're was like what are you seeing from people now in the middle of a pandemic and I was like you know not you're looking for some Click Bait Answer. I think people are coming together. More for the most part. I think that is kind of the beauty of a tragedy if there is something to find the silver lining in as you see a lot of people come together. This is just one of those stories so I wanted to share that with you guys because that is what it's all about. That was telling me something good. My Name is Shapiro. Wealth this is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was colon. Two Thousand Fifteen is the biggest here of my life a ladies man even with his grandmother. I'm chance the rapper. According to Copeland was a good friend of mine in twenty sixteen he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago. Police Station robber boy granted. Federal said he was shot. And it's the story of my search for the truth. This is somebody a CO production of them visible institute inner South and Topic Studios in association with Tender Foot. Tv available. Now this is somebody's Chai. Somebody deserves to know what happened. I deserve to know what happened to my son. And listen to somebody on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. So have a downed power line of my yard. I'm assuming they turn it off but evidence power line we want. We can send Mike there to touch it. I mean he's sitting right here. I get them on the cellphone going to my D- Now lost him. There were there. Were massive storms all over town for two nights. It's still there. They're apparently they're working with so many down lines everywhere so my neighborhood because so many trees were down. Power lines were downed. Basically everyone was out there front yards kind of looking at the damage and Kayla was out my girlfriend. The neighbor was out in their front yard. And I don't really know my neighbors and like my personality is on this show and on the Air Avalon to say and I share everything about me very public but once I get off the era. I'm quite private. You know it's A. It's a weird juxtaposition. I'd say Kaelin on the other hand is the opposite. Whenever she is at home she's very extroverted. She will talk to anyone. Make friends with everybody but she's not big into being public she's not you know she'll come on the show of ask her too but she doesn't love it so she talks to everybody's talking to our neighbors kind of talking back and forth. Apparently there's a that they've now started a neighborhood group text which I want to know business on. But there's like nineteen or twenty people in the neighborhood that all like text and it's very nice. It's very they're like. Hey who needs? What like what is your power out is your and so. I've been getting all the gossip on the on the text in the neighborhood. So you're on it. I'm not on it. She's on it. Oh she's on a second. I don't picture you joining so she joined in so she's just making it in. She's getting them with all the neighbors. That's a that's a big step. Well she's getting in and getting all the information like whose powers out. 'cause we needed have jetty was bragging about his generator generators. I have a small generator now. And it's broken and so she hit one of the neighbors like. Hey who? Who's your generator guy? And so we have a generator guy coming over today to work on the generator and just in case. But that's that's been the latest developments. She's now on the Neighborhood Group. Text key and she was show me pictures of it. They're like food cooking. Like you got real personal real quick. I sent a couple of nudes. News pushed send on this one. So that's happened in here at this house. The big interesting story though we about our podcast yesterday because we do the show and then we keep going with the post show and amy talked about somebody just coming in offer or cash for a house and she was like what they offered you money by the way. I'm not going to say the numbers. Obviously but it was so much more than the house is worth that you had to consider it. We've talked about it on the show. We tell the show what you decided well. We signed the papers and accepted the offer. There's continuous the same thing I do. Yeah Yeah so. This is just not where we thought our week was going to go at all. I mean it's we're I still don't really have the words and I kept even after we signed the documents. We were on the phone with our realtor while we were doing it. And I'm like are you sure you read through this. This is just this. Can't be real are you sure so sh- we electronically signed our names away and everything and they all also. I must say this. They've never seen our house. They have seen pictures but they have never been inside physically. So that's weird. Who Come into your house and offering away money that it's worth I don't know but I am just going with it. It's really weird in. I don't know where we're going to move. But if if everything goes through after the inspection like I said there's even in the papers we sign their certain contingencies so it may not work out but I mean at the rate we're going it would and the closing date would be may twenty fifth which is like not that far away and we have nowhere to go so we can rent the house back in pay by the day until we find a place and they said they'll they're flexible with that until the month of August. Who is they got to know who these people know? If it's I don't know if it's a day or here she is it the Navarro drug cartel or something like that. I don't know but I guess they really. There's not I will say and that's how it even came about. We were going to have our house on the market last fall when we were. GonNa move for our kids school but then we found the schools are like Yay. We're not moving. This is awesome. But at the time our realtor had come and she knew everything about our house and had taken pictures and all that and she had a client come to their office and they're just looking for something in our neighborhood and there is not inventory for what they're looking for and so that's when she said. Oh well I have this one family. I can call him and see if they're willing to sell. And that's when we got the phone call and they went straight overprice. Which is crazy well congratulations. I guess. Quickly what's contingency were? If it doesn't match how do you think I read all the paperwork? Oh you don't know you get a weekend with amy crazy signed. Didn't even know. Yeah Yeah No. It's I think with Steph at the inspection. I don't really know always enough to hide a ton of money. Yes we know what's happening here. Okay I don't know guys it's crazy though. Good luck let us know how that goes in the next few days. That's it's I get able to say that you took the house though. Oh well I mean my husband and I had some serious thinking deal and then after just going over with our realtor we would almost be silly not to so but the thing is we have to find somewhere to go so if anybody knows anything oh great hold on I already have a realtor. That's right they will. They'll come out you all right on with us right now. A Guy who? I'll listen to all my life growing up going to Many youth group events. All the time. It's just cool to talk to you here. We are Steven. Curtis Chapman how? I don't know what to call you. I call you Steven Steven. Curtis what I call you. You met bobby bones. Whatever works for you. Brother just sat stephen S. C. squared. Hey you you know whatever Steven Steven Curtis I refer to myself. Steven Curtis just because it took me a while to get used to that name. 'cause that was. Steve Chapman forever until there was another Steve Chapman Long Story. I ended up having to come up with a different name to record my first album. So keeping Curtis but really you. You knew my music in grew up saddling up your horses and whatnot. Are you kidding me and listen Steven Curtis I went to awesome hobby bones? Grew up knowing. I'm just just really making day. I went to Malibu Baptist right. We population seven hundred. I went every Wednesday nights Sunday morning Sunday night every Saturday night. We'd have a youth group dinner if you don't think we were on some Steven Curtis Chapman crazy right now. Cinderella anyway too much of it is. It is a real.

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