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The information up and then the people gathered information dial well he told at there are the they're getting the information on un that might need a raise in a couple of these republican or deciding to retire yeah well i be right and that's actually true because if you think about it jim and i we're not we're not smart people were just some some random people from alabama and we've been able to put this entire thing together months ago we had it we've had figured out for a while you guys of eta figured out for a while so why can't the attorney general of the united states just take the same route that were taken to come to the same conclusion and just get started a little bit earlier iin this won't some handcuffs and coming out a white house as as the photo ops a wanna the out of the white house and the cuffs would blue ties all that's all i'm asking yeah and somebody out of day all them lakes man you gotta stop the leaks how are we gonna trust her fbi my and the fbi was an on the known all his russian stuff and still let the state department sawnoff on this they meal by the bribes going on with this uranium deal and they knew that the oligarchy of russia had just stolen about three quarters of the money in russia and they still let them sign off on it as the darnest thing i've ever seen his lot collusion between the justice department the state department in the executive branch and i can't imagine if you're out of one yourself information it will or a judge in get a war iranian raise treasonous what they've done to down on my knees go to prison thanks jim brigitte goal but i like about bottom of the hour the line andrew jan friday edition plenty more to get to the phone lines are open nine four one one zero one one we'll be back right after this you are listening to the yellowhammer news radio network i'm a listed kramer alabama attorney general steve marshall brings to justice.

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