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At ending the partial government shutdown now and its second month neither measures expected to advance after key procedural votes this afternoon. The first Bill involves President Trump's compromise proposal trading temporary protections for dreamers for nearly six billion dollars in border wall funding, the other measure would extend government funding until February eighth air safety is reportedly being threatened by the ongoing government shutdowns the union representing air, traffic, controllers pilots and flight attendants released. A joint statement saying we cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play nor predict the point at which the entire system will break the shutdown has caused air. Traffic controllers who often work regular overtime to work without pay. A Senate panel is issuing a subpoena for President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen to testify the intelligence committee wants to hear from Cohen in mid-february Cohen backed out of a scheduled appearance before the house oversight committee on February. Seventh Cohen spokesman Larry Davis cited ongoing threats against his family by President Trump and Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani. Police in central Florida's say the five murder victims and the Bank shooting and see bring yesterday were all women. Seabourn police chief Carl Hoglund said today twenty one year old Zaphon Xaver entered the SunTrust Bank and immediately made contact with then shot, four, Bank employees and a customer. He called the police telling dispatchers he'd killed five people in the Bank Hoglund says it does not appear. This was a Bank robbery, but they still have no motive your next update is at three o'clock. I'm Ron Hersey steak. Connected with news anytime at eight fifty W F T L dot com..

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