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Just tell i would just above what was out there. And that's not even like being pie for just even coach rat and rat came up to me and say man you get yourself into college or y'all start if you try to go pro to be out here so all man. I look. who's right. So so what do you. What kind of stuff you like off the field would you. Would you like to do outside of football bowling fishing. You're any good at bowling crazy. Man i i used to love playing like Like we sports the bowling there vanity. Dude i would. I would kill it there. And then i'd go out to a real bowling alley and crap and i'm like what the hell the boggled heavier. i'm like. It was so much better on the we right. So so you're a good bowler like the ball is a i love playing madden. And that's like my thing but all in all from a real chill guide be home watching my one. They don't want to get into. Football is like Analyzing skipping a shannon do like best. So when i'm at home. I'm watching a lot of like skip shannon to jump. You know i take so i'm a real a real good homebody. I'm not working on a training. I'm enjoying my bros. In my dogs in this vitamin broached relations. Where do you work out at now. Right now. I was trying to athletic apex. they just go down not so long ago so. I've been training with coach which coats a coach. Hagen's i'm in lake nona and then Added finding Agenda see him in a lot of your videos right I have i've been going to. La fitness crunch fitness Working out with a couple of guys. They're just getting 'cause like i said like all the twenty twenty was just stand ready to stay in shape now. It's like campus a month away. Like i'm really rushing rover. Go at no. It's it's it's crazy. It's like everybody's kind of chomping at the bit. Like i i am too i just i love live events and kind of last year just getting wiped out. It's like i just wanna be in the arena. I wanna see that field down and the lights coming on and just in you know some action and the fans are the same way. I talked to a lot of fans throughout the league. In and everyone's the same weather just like men were just were excited for the season to be back. And you know it's it's gonna be a fun season. I know there's going to be probably some little things here and there and different restrictions in different arenas because of you know covid but you know i know the league's got some good good procedures and stuff in place to keep everyone safe as possible and bring football back so you know it's an exciting time for that and You know for you..

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