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Run into, you know, I want to try to push my liberalism apologize. All those dumb Americans. Yeah, I know like six words in Farsi. So if they're from Iran trying to impress. Lift drivers nightmare. Please stop. Please stop. So how much do where do you live? I live in New York. Oh, wow. Yeah. Every other comic seems to be coming to LA. That's good. I've been in New York the whole time so daily show was, I was on there for ten years. That's in New York, and I've managed to, you know, I, I also come from, I didn't start in comedy. I started in theater. So, like, I, I was doing a lot of theater and stuff back in that before the daily show in New York. So I continue to do that. And do you remember. Did you are you old enough to have worked catch? I did what catch back in, like, yeah. In the nineties. Yeah. That's all I was actually part of an improv show. I catch with a whole bunch of comedians, who went on to bigger things like the squad brothers and other people like that. And we would do a weekly improv variety improv show at catch where they wait. Yeah. The south park. Short that became showed it as part of our show. It was like going back into comedy history. Like we all that audience that night at catch watched short. Wow. And it was south park, and it was the tray and map they came down showed this thing it was like ten minutes. And then that went on to become, you know, history. Yeah, what is what is your favorite my favorite comic? But when you think of, like I tell people like to me, the classic comedy movie was Tootsie. It worked on three levels Pollock directed it, you know, trade actors and a real message, you know, I don't really see that in jumped appetite. But you don't really mean you don't get that anymore. There's a kind of story. I mean, I my favorite movie is planes, trains, and automobile. Right. It's my favorite comedy in that John, right? Yeah. Exactly. Just brilliant. You know. And I mean, you know, the heart his changed and, and, and I feel like now it seems like everybody just wants horror movies. Now it just seems I I know. Exercising something where like exercising. Like that, that we're trying to get out and it's just give me demons. Yeah. You know, we had him when we were kids and were nasty. How last house on the left? I don't know if ever saw that was a horrible movie. It was at every disturbing possible thing, people ask house on the left disturbing. It's a pretty disturbing movie. But I'm on a show this fall, that's coming out on CBS. Show kind of thriller type show. It's evil and it stars Mike Colter, who's Luke cage on Netflix. Okay. And cut you Herbert's and Michael Emerson and myself and it's, it's a drama and. Supernatural or stuff. Yeah, it's very, it's really cool. It's Robert, and Michelle king. Who did the good wife? Right. So I'm really excited about it. It's I always say this to people think that drama is harder than comedy. And I say, well, you watch a, a really good actor, try to do comedy. Put him on stage with one hundred people go. No comedy is comedy is the hardest thing I've ever done. And. Dramatics. I've done comedic stuff and stand up is definitely one of those things that, you know, when I first started out, I just remember like getting up on stage and, and that, that feeling of just like just completely you walk off stage. And you're like I might as well just wet my right hand. So you know what I mean? Conversely when you kill it, there's. It's amazing. And I remember going back to the daily show and talking to John Oliver, and I said, you know, I I went up on stage last night. And I was it was horrible. Have a why do you do this? You know. And he said, oh, yeah, yeah. That goes, you know, you're, if you're lucky you're going to have another hundred of those, and that's what will make you a better comedian. So they're going to be getting Marsteller shows this weekend. Yes. Yeah. Ausaf Monte, right? Yes. Thank you. Yeah. You see this Friday and sour tonight to shows, I come home by and see him and thank you. So when you come back in next time you're absolutely awesome. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Thanks. I it was Dublin. Now it's Vacaville what's going on in the bay area. What do you hear this next to you? Franklin. K G, O, eight ten something like eight million people live in the bay area with eight million different real life stories like tones. Here for eight years. Oh my companies over three million dollars. What are you gonna do town? He doesn't know what to do. My daughter never looked to country. Kid fourteen thirteen Geos. Pat Thurston deals with real life, noon to three on K. G O, eight ten Jack Armstrong, Joe Getty, wishing everyone in the bay area of most respectful Memorial Day. Remember to remember those who may be ultimate sacrifice Armstrong and Getty show back live on Tuesday morning. Join a Armstrong and Getty Ankeny. Gio froze. 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