Andrew Miller, Joe Girardi, Della Matanzas discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney - October Grit


The perfect scenario for the indians will be to have corey kleuver pitch into the late innings maybe give the ball the andrew miller then give the ball to cody alan just those three guys on the yankee side i really expected going into this game joe girardi probably as it pencil out this way that we are going to pitch cc sabathia why i think he's gonna throw well man is he confident right now and he's feeling good about how he's throwing he's going to pitch cc sobat the up into the second turned through the order of them and at that point i think he'll go battered a batter once he gets about fifteen batters into the game and then in the bullpen david robertson tommy canley a role this chap and chad green those four guys of the guys he's going to rely on a take it whenever he gets about the other i don't think della matanzas will be in the mixed today unless they go into extra innings what he thinks yeah i i agree and i think a lavish short leash with see the'de not because c is not effective i think you'll be really good today also and i promise you and you know him buster see if he's not gonna come in to the clubhouse today saying look i can give you a three or four really good end each year he said look i'm gonna go salmon at least and i'm going to get the ball to our premier guys and we're going to win this game even though it's an all hands on deck game tabatha being the ferocious competitor that he is is gonna say i'm going until you take me out as long as i can go that's what i'm doing and that's the way you gotta do it in an elimination gate.

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