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So they are much rarer become comments. You may. Yeah it is. I'm just wondering how they differentiate between local comets and asteroids with the solar system and the ones coming from the outside that being flying at us by people who obviously lock is very much but Is it all about the angle is it all about the angle of the tack the spayed. Or it's it's those sorts of things angles lesson bonkers comments long period comets. Come from all angles. They come the cloud which is to the wrapped around the solar system. But the the key thing is the speed because he you know these two objects were both traveling at speeds that could not have bound to the solar system in other words. There was no way that we're never gonna stop and go around the sun. I think who was roundabout twenty six kilometers per second. It's it's highs philosophy which is very much above the escape velocity of the solar system so it comes and goes. I think it's more a case of its. it's gone. oh look this earth accelerate. And maybe that's right. Nothing flurry still got this puzzle. It did seem to have some non gravitational forces acting on which thought to be perhaps ejected material coming from it the boosted. It took direction. Still the theory that it might be alien that avi avi lobes idea that an is. He's just published a book about that. Well this way to be a best seller probably the e-eh. I think the what they've suggested just going into detail of this. But how do you how do you intercept them. One way to have things. I think we've talked about this before. How things orbiting in space that are spacecraft that have got a mega lumbini rocket boosters attached to them and they're just waiting in orbit for something to go past. I think suggestions where you might have three of these spread around pepsi us orbit and then once the once cited something you hit the button send off in the right direction to chase after whatever it is And seeking photograph which would be a good start fantastic different image. I mean we you know it. A pin sell issue whether you're is an alien spacecraft if we could go to close up photograph well it's being chased by tesla. So you never know though shots there was. I mean i think. Ilan must did look closely at whether they could mount from nice x. Hardware to to chase after not possible would never catch it now. And i think that's been part of the problem so far..

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