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To watch. Dean Richards has a few suggestions for us Boy just hearing that song reminds me as I'm sure a lot of our listeners probably experienced the same way I did. Listening to Spike Odell that morning, Right? When the first plane went into the tower, everybody thought it was, you know, a small plane that had an accident. And then the second plane hit and it was clear what was happening and You know the news? The news went crazy from there, but, yeah, So many documentaries, uh, have covered the actual events of that day. I think some of the better ones. Which are available for you to watch our hula five part docuseries that's called 9 11 1 Day in America that recounts all the events of that day. And everything that we went through. I love this one documentary that was produced actually by a former WGN radio producer. Former producer of Milt Rosenberg's extension 7 20, Greg Jacobs. And his filmmaking partner, John Cisco. Of the nephew. I believe it was of the great Gene Siskel called 102 minutes. Uh, that changed America. It is showing on video, but it took the 1 120 minutes. The 1st 120 minutes of the attack on America and recalled it through eyewitness accounts from people who lived in New York. They assembled it. In real time based on stories that people were telling. It's such a well done documentary spin out for quite a long time, but it's a different perspective that we normally get Spike Lee just put out A new Docuseries. It's a four part Daki series that's running on the HBO that's called Spike Lee's New York City epicenters. It focuses on the effects of New York City Apple TV Plus has one that's called 9 11 inside the President's war room. That focuses in on what was going on behind the scenes with the president and his Cabinet, and you know, some of them behind the scenes stories that we had never heard of before. New movie came out a couple of weeks ago that's on Netflix called Worth. Starring Michael Keaton, which is very, very good, very reflective. Uh, it is the story about a guy who was put in charge of the 9 11 survivors. Fund, and he has to figure out how to compensate people who were affected by the tragedy at 9 11, and it's a very compelling story about you know, putting dollars. Up against actual human life. Again. That's on Netflix and one that's new this week is a musical. That it's called. Come from away. You probably have heard the story of how there was this small town in Canada. That took in, uh, you know when all the planes were grounded right after the attack about 70 planes landed in this small town in Canada. And how welcoming this community was to about 7000 people who suddenly you know were there and you know they didn't 100% understand why at first But a musical was made about this. It was a Tony Award winner on Broadway, and now the big screen adaptation of It is on Apple TV plus call come from away. And I should mention as well that here on WGN TV, we've got a special on tomorrow night at 6 30 called Chicago remembers 9 11. Which gives us kind of a Chicago angle in, you know, families and people who were affected and remembering their loved ones who were lost. So there is no shortage of you know, TV movies and Documentaries to commemorate this day. 20 years ago. Uh, I have posted on WGN radio dot com. My interview with Carol Marine. We got caught in all of this. She happened to be Working over at 60 minutes in New York, when all this happened, you know, we just talked to Carol. Oh, did you Okay, Alright. We played that clip. And with Dan rather and it still gets to you, doesn't it? It really does. Yeah. I had her on and You know, we we almost lost Carol Marine that, Yeah, no kidding. I mean, it's so it's. As Carol said, I'm sure she said in your interview. She just doesn't want anyone ever to forget, right. You know, all of that so plenty to reflect on For the 20th anniversary. I've gone back and forth. Sometimes I feel like watching those programs. Sometimes I don't. It's too painful. But I did see some of Spike Lee's documentary on HBO last night, and I'll tell you he had some video that I had never seen before. And he also have the story of the maritime evacuation, which has not been told right. But In addition to making me sad to see all of that it made me angry. It made me angry that, uh, we we didn't have our intelligence communities working together. To possibly prevent that. And also, of course, made me angry at the perpetrators. What it reminds me of is that there actually was a time in America where we all felt Unified. Yeah, we we all word. You know, uh, you know, feeling the same way and that hasn't happened in a long time in our country. All right. Give us one. Uh, happy thing to watch over the weekend. If we want to escape from the news. What do you suggest? Well, there's a documentary I want you to watch that is about the friendship between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X is called Blood Brothers. It's about their unbelievable friendship and their ultimate falling out. It is On Netflix best movie of the week is Oscar, Isaac and Tiffany had ish in a dramatic role really good in a dramatic role, called the Card counter that one's on in theaters only this weekend. I like blood brothers. I'm gonna go with that going on escape. Have a good weekend. Dean..

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