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Of party politics when it comes to local local councils and safafa even if we were to get rid of pipe politics people all in some ways they may not necessarily be like the pipe groupings of some sort basically. But it's you infamy. One of the reasons. I guess an appeal to me in in terms of being a green apartment. Also a green councils that we didn't have a wick because you do often see even 'specially like here like from the labor party conservative base. May i know more about the part with some friends and despite experience wannabe even as a candidates they have to sign a letter saying that they want the whip if they do get selected as a they do become accounts even before after agreed to all these kind of things that he just on. And you do see many occasions where you there. Basically being represented represented the war elected you from dementia. They all your boss. Not your and the leader the council anybody else counting elect you kind of the you do. See a mini cajuns. Were and counselor is not reflecting. The wishes unspoken ability to offense if warm but it's also just has to follow the whip kind of thing and then challenge. It's kinda like observe and you have while they're doing it but then it's like there's repercussions as for what you call it counselors that kind of an follow the web kind of thing under of course the signs country before so we is. If i can understand why. I guess you kind of want to do that have just moved to greece. Like people can argue. Well my the greens are big. Enough to have whipped. So if you were to count you'd have to have. How'd you keep people check in line kind of. I don't know what the answer is very like to do in brighton. The greens and control the council. That but i i. It is an issue for people and and just very brief. Sheffield we are the we've got a referendum happening which is the largest referendum law referendum to trigger the council to kind of just and changed the way the council runs base so according to a strong leader model simulates is the leader of the council that basically decided adventure decides the cabinets database database. Run the shelves away so they'd be false and have a referendum to kind of change it to a committee style system..

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