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I reached out to sam jones. And i was trying to get him on the show. I gotta check my messages in casey answered but last i checked he didn't let me check my what's at Because yemen. I wanted to. I wanted to get him on here. He hasn't checked it man. Let me be direct. Send them a voice message. And and i'll provide them all the link of edge But once again and hit that thumbs up man don't let these negative people win we. We must keep this. Show the number one box in podcast in the world number-one on i tunes More five star reviews than any contemporary. Only you can keep us there by continuing drop us. A five star review continuing tell the world how consistent we are we may not be the best but we definitely consistent amongst the rest right. And we're here. We're here you know we. You may not like what we say. We're here to debate what we say at the very lease. And you can debate whatever's on your mind express your frustrations what do you think about this matchup. Is this the perfect fight for joel joyce Is this an opportunity for luis ortiz. To get back in the mix. I mean think about what happens to the career luis ortiz. If he can get a win over joe joyce. It's like a complete revision of his. Aides provide all over again. He's back you know he's entitled contention because you know louis ortiz He's he's i mean. Well well well well joel. Joyce's is already in the position for a title shot right so you know if ortiz can be joyce then that really sets him up it lines him up man but Question is will will sam jones. Really take this fight That's what we need to see. And that's why. I was trying to get him on the show But i'm going to send him the live link Vc's what we're talking about. He'll jump on. Yes sir but we are talking. Joe joyce not necessarily as win over tax them but obviously to get here. We had to get through them and now sam jones his manager is say no problem to the joe joyce luis ortiz fight. Which i think is a great heavyweight fight. That you know should happen. Should happen politics aside. And i don't know that there are any politics. I mean bt or rather. Should i say frank. Warren who joyce may be with I'm pretty sure he signed to warren. When he got the dubois fight They do business with. Pbc they've done the wild pay per view They do business with top rank So you know that's not. I don't think this is a hard fight to make. And if you're luis ortiz you know you're running out of options on. Pbc they can give you or two ruis and then it's a common opponent wilder so i can see why luis ortiz may be valuable to pbc at this time. Maybe they're looking at it like hell. No we cash in him out against. Nb ruis we're not giving them to you you know that could be a possibility remember. They got any res over there and they got wild. They need to feed those two animals but amilcar what what is going on nestor. My brother happy sunday. Happy sunday man. That's my church is in session. The church of boxing man. You know so I saw the topic. It's very intriguing. match up You know we would like to see jojoy sitting there against somebody of note because it's going to be a minute before he's in there with fury or wilder or joshua or aj because you know aj dozen such a fight unless there's a mandatory rematch up in that contract so If he beats sick he's going to be hopefully taking on the winner. Wilder against fury. That fight will probably have a mandatory a rematch in it and then if he loses to ucla. Well he's going to get some get back against music a rematch. So rather than just have joe joyce die on the vine because he is up there. H you know Might as well start throwing some names out there to get him back in the ring pretty soon known as yeah i mean how short over whether or not sure but how. What's the probability of this happening. You know you'd think this is just good. Pr on sam jones's part. Obviously we luis ortiz. Hate him a love them. We want to see him. In the ring he produces decent fights on the high level Or am i. Lying is i I've never had an issue with with luis ortiz You know he did obviously have that. Alleged p. e. d. u. But i felt like the justification for his use of that drug was pretty. I would say believable while it was it was the blood pressure. Excuse i mean he's got. He's got high blood pressure. You know for those of you who are of african descent like me and my brother s you know that you know it does kinda run high sometimes in our families You know. I have That particular issue in my family. I don't have it yet. You know touch wood but A lot of people. Do you have a caribbean background. African american background. It's pretty common for high blood pressure to run in your family Not necessarily this young. You know in your late thirties early forties. But i'm not gonna say it's not somewhat believable that the brother has high blood pressure. And you know like caribbean food's pretty salty pretty salty. I would call it full of flavor flavor. There you go so You know he's got to watch that. You got to watch those seasonings. 'cause they'll seasonings. I n salt typically e clean. Maybe go to a plant based diet like myself. I could help them out with that if he's if he's interested but i'm also not one of these. People that subscribes at a whole luis. Ortiz is like fifty year old nonsense. I'm just going to keep it real like you had a guy call in and say i'm always trying to make stuff. Racial will not usually. Nfl funny from who just flippantly uses the n. word against my people regularly but that grass I mean pretty much what you're saying when you're talking about luis ortiz. Not being forty two and to me. He looks like a forty two year. Old black man like they're you know forty two zero brothers. I see that. Look around kind of like luis. Ortiz does but what you're essentially saying is that you know these caribbean countries. You know they. They don't really know how to record. Ki- like you can't really believe A birth certificate from cuba or a passport from cuba. And i'm just not gonna. i'm not gonna. I'm this not going to subscribe to that. I'm sorry well. I mean that's that's pretty common. You know they defect. So it's like you know you get the tell america whatever the hell you want like you don't come with defect. What papers and and i get that. But at the same time he was an amateur. You know what i mean. He was entering into four for a country that loves gold medals in loves to be dominant. So yeah i mean. Come on bro. You ain't play little league baseball and see some fucking big as kids. You know how these coaches are. People want to win. Life is about winning and some people as you see ano- sport as you know for some people do anything to win some used to win. You know what. I mean agree with what you're saying. But what country cheats more than the united states. Russia know what they can the united states. I mean do you not remember lance armstrong in a usps cycling team guiding..

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