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Contributor i have always been paired with somebody who disagrees with me i don't want by myself when i appear on lou dobbs his show or or or any of the other this shows that i do hits with i don't appear i i've always appear with a liberal and we debate they believe in fair and balanced and and they they they allow a conservative you to be heard but they have the debate they've never trumpers on it got joan a goal of sugar goldberg on there all the time guy benson who you know has been opposed at at at at on many occasions mr trump's candidacy they they they so fifty two to forty eight percent you look at this bar graf and we've got the story you can you know we've linked to it at mike onlinecom and you can click on the lake and get taken to the heat street dot com article that that displays this it's stunning how fox is the one that's just about fifty fifty i'll take 5050 overnight fifty three to seven any day of the week you know i it's it's it's astounding to me and again this is a study a major news media study conducted by harvard university a europe how you doing cher hi i'd love to fear sidebyside ray harvard study didn't go far enough based sidebyside the numbers on bombers coverage pray yep yep yep right track great point great point excellent point you're right i guarantee you the numbers will be the on the other side way in his favour here is jim jim your next up on the mike gallagher.

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