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To China's massive pork industry could be about to spread to the chicken business. Every protein is going to feel the impact of African in China. Jeremy Scott senior analyst at Mizuho securities says as the disease continues to spread cost increases will spread right along with it. Demand shift, meats, like beef and chicken. And those prices are gonna go up as well how much could prices go up thinking at a minimum about fifteen twenty percent over the next twelve months? And that's just a short term implications of shortage. The vertical group says the disease could cause a four and a half percent reduction in global protein and it says chicken companies like pilgrim's pride and Sanderson farms could be among the biggest beneficiaries and rising prices could mushroom analysts say, mushroom, growers may benefit as well as restaurants start blending them with proteins to control their costs. I'm Denise Pellegrini. Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio one thirty nine on WBZ. There are elections that are taking place across all EU countries this weekend. CBS news correspondent Elaine Kiana has more has already taken place in seven of the twenty eight Member States. The vote is a continent wide battle for influence in the EU right wing nationalists with a tough stance on. Degration are expected to make gains and return power to national governments. The result from every nation will be released Sunday evening, after the last polling station on the continent is close. Gary and Prime Minister Viktor Orban's saying that an anti Gration national conservative says today's elections are vital for voters to have their say on an important topic. Give very clear opinion on that to me reject migration, and we would like to see leaders in position of European Union who dejected migration, who would like to stop it and left. Many. Shift in the European public arena in favor of those political parties, who would like to stop the migration in the first official projections are expected around ten pm London time, later tonight, Senator Ron Johnson is discussing recent migrant deaths at the southern border on CVS face the nation. That was concert Republican discuss the trip he just took to the area where another migrant detainee died. This time as a result of the flu Senator Johnson, saying, there's growing concern following the outbreak of the virus, he says, although the processing centers have reopened, they are incredibly overcrowded, which whereas officials about the possibility of more flu deaths. Well officials at schools around the United States have started rethinking their approach to teen vaping as detested show arise in suspensions and other disciplinary responses to students getting caught using e cigarettes, many who previously emphasized discipline are now looking more closely at ways to prevent and treat nicotine addiction party. By educating students about the health risks ahead of sports Bart Starr, the gentlemen quarterback catalyst, Vince Lombardi's powerhouse Green Bay Packers teams. When the first Super Bowl in the history of the NFL has died at the age of eighty five star talking about his relationship with head coach. Vince Lombardi coach I said, I can take all of the chewing, you want to dish out. I understand your personality, and that's all well and good..

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