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Using twentieth street as an alternate route for the time being both. Directions of the Kent Des Moines road are currently closed as well between the west a meager street and I five so plan. On using alternate routes there as well I north, and southbound though in, and out of Seattle moving, along nicely as well as I ninety east and westbound looking clear as. Well our next KOMO traffic at, eight, fourteen, I'm Dillon The forecast earns on more sunshine on the way today temperatures they're going to go to the upper eighties in our warmest spot so we're going to be, even warmer still, on Monday and Tuesday keep it at sunny low nineties in the. KOMO weather center turns on KOMO news sixty four right now for Federal Way and evidence sixty one here in Seattle sixty one as well. At KOMO news stay connected stay informed. KOMO news Good morning I'm Mark Christopher Mike Schubert's our technical director of. Top local stories from the. KOMO twenty four seven news center a lot of investigation right now in the area and. As Dylan shared with you. Right now we've got Kent Des Moines road closed between I five. And west meeker can't police officer killed earlier this morning apparently run. Over in connection with the pursuit. That was underway can't PD getting reports of shots fired near the Sheri's there on meeker just about twenty minutes ago a press conference was held let's. Bring you some of that, press conference right now All right this. Morning early around one fifty AM this morning over it Theory of St Was calls of an illegal discharge At that time officers were in the. Area and actually heard, the gunshots and as they responded they observed the red truck fleeing from the scene witnesses on scene. Indicated that that was possibly. Involved so officers follow that vehicle. They tried, to initiate a stop the vehicle then fled from them. And made temps to allude them officers pursued that vehicle throat And then up Kadian where it turned around and certain. Come back eastbound on campus Mornings wrote during that time other officers first aging deployed spike strips as the fleeing.

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