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We go to the third inning here at McCoy stadium in a scoreless ballgame between the PawSox in the Syracuse Mets and game two four between the two clubs and gave two of seven on this season, opening homestand or the PawSox. Eight nine one to two rather in the Syracuse sorta to shepherd here in the third and with the play by play my partner, Jay Berna. All right. Jim, thanks so much fittingly. We'll start it off with an old friend of mine. Rene Rivera former Trenton thunder member facing shepherd thirty three pitches so far for shepherd and the first offering here to Rivera is down for ball one. Manet one for twelve on the young season backing up Thomas Tomasz Neto the forty man roster. Catcher for the Mets and the one offering from shepherd off speed and off the plate for ball to you know, Rene Rivera. This is a guy that fell by the wayside came up with the Mariners initially, and then almost tumbled completely out of baseball. Here's the two. Oh, and it's outside for ball three. And the Yankees found him toiling and Camden New Jersey on the now defunct Camden river sharks. There comes the three pitch and it's just off the plate a four pitch. Walk as shepherd stairs. In Rivera is on third. Walk issue today for shepherd was brought along to bring up some of the other arms for the Yankees. Like, Manny Bedwell, oh, sit down and Batanes his and he did so admirably and then made his way up to the big leagues. And he's been a serviceable catcher ever since. Now, try to get back up with the Mets top of the order. Now. Here's Carlos Gomez Gomez for one today shepherd looking for two with linen Chaveas up the metal in the pitch a curveball bending out of the way Gomez. And it stays high for ball one. I like about Rivera Jay is his style is bright neon. Green shoelaces on the cleats in. Obviously the orange batting gloves team color, but pretty colorful get up for Rivera tonight. Here's the one pitch. Swing a fell back for a ball strike on Gomez little flair there for Rene Rivero. Turn on the black light. I mean, he's got. Score. This game of the third inning Gomez hitting one ninety on the year thirty three years of age and at one point feared hitter base dealer or the Milwaukee Brewers one one pitch inside and high on a fastball like Sheppard almost slipped as he came to the plate and account to and one on Gomez. Gomez two-time time star was part of a very crucial trade that went from a walkie to Houston to one pitch from shepherd fastball in there at the knees. Good pitch from Chandler shepherd and the count evens at two and two one on nobody out top of the third inning. And a score this game in game two of our four game series Pawtucket and Syracuse to pitch popped up as fouls this one back onto the awning over the grandstand seats play count stays to and to you know, who's in that trade. Jim from Milwaukee to Houston going back to Milwaukee was a couple of big name prospects and one that is really panned out for the brew crew to come it. Swung on a grounded awkwardly up the first base side but foul as roles by Travis over to tarp down the right field side and the count stays to and to Josh hater. Went from Baltimore to Houston. And then the deal from Houston to a walkie and exchange for this, man. Carlos Gomez, the Astros are really going to build around him back in two thousand fifteen but he just sorta washed his way. Last year was with the raise for a little bit. But couldn't really produce too fast ball high ninety one for ball three. In a way, you see somebody's once feared hitters in major league baseball at the top of the order for the Syracuse Mets Gomez followed by Espinosa runner on first is Rivera. No speed there. It'd be a three two on Gomez shepherd from the belt and the right hander throws high ball four and again lost the hitter at three to the third three to count where shepherd has put somebody on Rivera up to second fourth walkover all the first two on here for Syracuse. Jim prime scoring opportunity the first couple of walks J. He was Donna by much the walks leery. I know Tyrone even Rivera on ball four pretty borderline pitches. But that time the ball up, and it wasn't even close shepherd starting to lose it here a little bit. Let's see if he can kind of rain it back in. But that's coming up for the second time. They got a guy that could certainly drive the ball out of the ballpark Espinosa hitting to sixty nine on the year. Uh-huh. For one today with a groundout back to the mound. The PawSox again. Oh, look for a pair behind shepherd third baseman Miller in on the grass off the line. And that's been OSA awaits from the left hand batter's box. Switch hitter formerly of the Washington nationals. You might remember a couple of years that he had with the NATs where he had twenty home runs and one major the season. But. A lot of strikeouts. As well. Here's the pitch to espionage down in a way for ball. One. In fact, Espinosa led the National League one year and ks which nowadays is hard to do. Because.

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