Tulsi Gabbard, Virginia, TSA discussed on Bill Handel


To the best of my ability as long as I believe I can effectively for fill that task. I intend to. Continue doing the business of Virginia. President Trump now tweeting about the northern situation saying Ed Gillespie who ran for governor of the great state of Virginia against Ralph Northam. But now be thinking malpractice in dereliction of duty with regard to his opposition research staff. Well, Democrats have another presidential candidate for twenty twenty Representative Tulsi Gabbard making a formal announcement at her home state of Hawaii this hour, but Gabbard faces some opposition in the Democratic Party for opposing same sex marriage early in her career TSA officer jumped to his death from a balcony inside Florida's Orlando international airport today, it created panic. Some security checkpoints were closed flights were grounded, and there were serious delays. The officers death follows the partial government shutdown during which TSA personnel work without pay for thirty five days. No what I'm whether that played a role in the suicide. This is Fox News. We're from one eight hundred God junk, I've changed my mind. This junk is too weird to let anyone see I want picked up several thousand cans of tuna you making that up. I promise he's not, ma'am. A couch full of bees a loaded handgun half a boat animatronic monkey concrete coffin, ma'am. If you'd like us to make your junk disappear, all you have to do is point call one eight.

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