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A new story from Tim Conway Jr.


Works co founder David Geffen and Amazon studios had Jennifer Selke got their starts as assistance any came KFI news the second crash in Sherman oaks this is on the four oh five as you travel northbound I coming up on Ventura Boulevard this wreck it's been cleared out of lanes but whatever very slow drive loading up overall out of Culver city leaving the ninety be on the scene of the style that driver made slow as you travel ahead to the five merchants San Fernando and just to update you on the end of a police pursuit that ended in the area of LA acts now it's a mug there there's a man hunt going on right now long sentry Boulevard at AB on Dr but it does not appear that does sentry Boulevard so far is off limits if you see something different eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three let's check Costa mesa we've got Mike o'brien KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com fifty five north out all the breaks there for the full five almost all the way to the ninety one and even the south fifty five tonight that's fairly heavy now out of Anaheim for the warring forty but forget tell on and off the breaks down into Irvine now the ease about ninety one all the breaks there for we're getting drug skills of the Green River and it once again from corona basically for bay street ordered off at a riverside interpretive accident visible wallet super lawyer dot com Michael Bryant via this guy he and find this guy helps get you there faster I mean Joe Martinez is our sponsored by cutting dental call for your free dental exam eight eight eight six forty smile you all your weather next all right settle.

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A new story from Tim Conway Jr.

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