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And I think a question I would have about it would be this I think Gary Sanchez is 27. Now he's been in the organization since he was 16. So he's been in the organization along time. I would love to know. And if I missed it, I know one of you. Good colors will tell me what was the origin of changing the stance now? And if it does turn out to be so effective, you know, we may rightly ask, boy, you know, I wonder what you know me asking myself. I wonder what would have happened if they would have Done this sooner. It certainly seems like a stance to which Gary Sanchez has acclimated very well to so obviously we know it's important that these pictures have great confidence in Gary behind the plate. The idea that they can throw that nasty breaking ball and he's going to block it. We understand his problems from years past, but perhaps now, Gary Sanchez really on on that that that high arc To completely fulfill his potential, which has always been so great. I mean, if I can remember a player in the system and I left the Yes network after the 11 season, that player's been around an awfully long time, and that include that. That's what Gary Sanchez is. He is someone who's been around an awfully long time. And maybe maybe, especially defensively, maybe his best baseball's ahead of them. Boy, Wouldn't that be something? With the Yankees hope that's the case. I know that. But that stance last night, you know, caught all of our I's and obviously the announcers on Yes, we're talking about it as well. So interesting to me. It did seem like Sanchez and Cole communicate well. Cole does not come across at least in these initial stages as sort of a high What's the word? I'm looking for? A needy is not the word, but, you know, high maintenance guy. That's what I'm looking for High maintenance. He doesn't come across that way. Ah, and I think that's a really good thing. I think it's a really good thing. Look void to me stuck out. Doesn't he look cleaner like considerably leaner? I thought Luke void looked as good as we've seen him. Again. You guys will correct me or not, But I also think I watched the Clint Frazier I assume it was a zoom session. Talking about wearing the mask, talking about how that's not been well received by some on social media, Obviously others on social media I have to believe, you know, have applauded him for it. I really liked. His manner in describing that he kind of had a smile on his face the whole time and and said, Hey, it's my decision. You know, Teammates need to, you know me and my teammates need to stay safe. But he he he seemed I'm very comfortable in his own skin. And and that also might be a player that we're seeing growing up a little bit, although the whole like here's one thing that's confounded me for a while, and I did actually look yesterday to see what I was really missing. This whole idea. You know Clint Frazier controversial, Like, really. Cause he is, you know? Well, it certainly can't because he has red hair. But because he has, you know a little bit of hair because he You need a hair cut at one point. I just I don't you know, and I understand, he said some things and everything but controversial. I don't know. I don't know. I think sometimes we're a little bit too dramatic with these guys, especially young players who are still going into the player. And person they're going to be. You know, he ended up saying and this I really liked and I know I have to take a break. But this from Frasier, I really liked that they played last night on the broadcast as faras the maturity thing, he said. A lot of people have said things about me who really don't know me. It doesn't affect me if they think I'm growing, I'm growing up. And then he essentially said, I guess that's a positive. He's also had a lot of injuries. The concussion most noteworthy and most distressing, although he seems to be over all of that, But you know, don't we sometimes exaggerate this stuff a little bit. I mean, in the big scheme of things you're gonna have to really convinced me that Clint Frazier somehow been controversial. And maybe you will. Maybe you will. We'll see how that goes. This is Kim Jones. By the way, I am coming to you from my home. I hope it sounds good. I know that you folks who are always honest with me as I am with you. I know you will let me know if it does not. And I appreciate that about you. We're going to take a break. We're going to talk with my buddy Mark. Find sand, A K sandy from MLB Network and then After the after at about Ah, in about 23 minutes. We will open up two phones for the first time I get to talk to all of you. For the first time in 17 weeks. I'm so excited about that. Kim Jones coming back. We're gonna rock and roll till two o'clock right here on the fan. Look, people are ready.

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