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Doctors. Dr Masika back to that. Dr love. Talking about fashion and talking about. One in the same doctor J one in the same. We also have Jamie Okuma with us today from the World Wide Web Skyping in. So thank you Jamie for being here with us. You're having me ladies. Jamie has Lucena and show any Bannock, isn't as fashion designer. She creates Berlin intricate, creative works bead work with the tiniest beads you've ever seen while also simultaneously creating gorgeous cortra-, fashions gowns and begs as well as ready to wear fashion. She has won at least five best in show ribbons from both Santa Fe Indian market and the heard market, but let's just say she's never satisfied the next year. It's always more brilliant. She's an artist who refuses to find her nation. Stick to it. She's constantly evolving and trying new things and pushing the envelope. Let's just say one of the things that I love about Jamie is that she constantly collaborates with other artists, and she is so willing to be helpful and loving to so many people around her, and we have mad respect for you for that, Jamie. So welcome again to our show. Thank you again or humbling word. So if you just take a moment to introduce yourself the way you would to a large group of people. Usually, I just kind of say new testing the mic. My name is Jessica Metcalf. I am turtle mountain Chippewa from North Dakota. I keep it pretty basic like that. I am the owner of beyond buckskin, which is a business and website dedicated to promoting and selling native American made fashion. This has been a journey for me that started back in two thousand. Twelve before that two thousand nine before to got five it's been a journey of any. Many many many points. So this has been an amazing journey, and I'm so blessed to be here with with these amazing powerful women. So I'm excited to talk about native fashion. Yeah. Dry, jamie. Tell us a little about yourself. How many was Jamie Okuma? I am saying schone Bannock among some others. My live here where we're at right now on the late Indian reservation in southern California. And I am an artist fashion designer. That's not it. The name of our podcast is all my relations. We wanted to choose that because we're really interested in the ways that we relate to one another the ways that we have relationships with the land with our ancestors with the work that we do. So just this idea of being relational people as native folks, and the idea of the relationships that we hold and the responsibilities that come with them. So we're gonna be asking all of our guests on the podcast just how this idea of all my relations resonates with them or the ways that they think about relationships in their own life and the work that they do. So if Jamie, I don't know if you wanted to start just thinking about these ideas of relationships being relational people and how that translates into your work or your life. Oh, everything. I mean from. Our families our communities that we live in. It's it, all encompassing. I think within my work in may not see that. But when for myself when I look back at pieces, I can think of who I was talking with that day or certain significant things that happened along the way it's such an important part of Indian country anywhere you go. I think between here in Canada. I mean, you better. You will know someone who knows someone that, you know. And that's it's such a relational type of relationship. And it's a really really cool thing to think about when you go to conferences are shows or anything, you're gonna know someone who knows someone if not you're going to know them. So that's kind of what it maybe Inc. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. I I'm with you on that one Jamie, the idea of and just knowing that in Indian country. There's always maybe at most two degrees of separation. And maybe, you know, in in the larger community, there's like six degrees of separation, but an Indian country, you just have to be careful who you snag because. Or your friend? Yeah. If you claim to be something you better know about.

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