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FDIC 9 38 Traffic and weather on the aids to the WPS TOP traffic center good morning Rita Kessler Good morning Gigi and right now northbound on 95 delays coming out of Dale City into woodbridge after the Prince William Parkway the crash was quickly cleared out of the roadway So while that's no longer in the roadway the delays are sticking around but easing Southbound 95 is slow crossing the aqua Kwan Westbound 66 has a delay from one 23 tour route 50 that's usually where there's some work set up Then before two 34 business suddenly rode the work reported to be in the left lane but not really causing much of a backup Northbound 28 a lot of the earlier delays out of manassas have ease but we do see a little bit of a delay crossing bull run trying to make your way toward a Compton and ordway There may be some work set up there that usually causes that delay In Maryland two 70 southbound note reported issues out of clarksburg to the lane divide onto either loop of the beltway The inner loop of the beltway however is starting to slow from university boulevard around past New Hampshire avenue where there's a report of a crash The inner loop after Connecticut is where the work was on the right side not causing a delay And the crash looks like it's still there on New Hampshire avenue It may be in the clearing stages southbound is seeing a slowdown near crest haven drive headed past Chalmers northbound is seeing a delay in that stretch as well The crash had been southbound with the two left lanes blocked so you may still find some activity on the left side Northbound three O one south of two 14 central avenue near old central avenue was a report of a crash southbound 95 still a little slow passing route 32 It was near the Howard county rest area the crash on the shoulder southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway a little heavy passing 32 not sure if this is because a lot of you decided to take that roadway instead United way of the national capital area believes everyone deserves hope respect an affair chance Help create a more equitable future tomorrow by making a donation today at United way NCA dot org slash end hunger I'm Rita Kessler WTO Now we have some overcast skies this morning Let's check out our forecast with chuck bell Our stretch of mild weather will gradually be coming to an end the cold air.

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