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Cities around America. We'll have a poll question play of the day, stat of the day, the phone number 8 7 7 3D P show. Yes, he did. How was your break, Dan? It's still going on. I mean, I don't view time off as vacation. I view this as a vacation. Every day. So it was every day for the last week, still the Super Bowl? Yeah. I mean, I'm trying to seize the moment. Carpe diem was really the theme of my time off with the family. I went to see Michael buble. Oh, all right. Yes, Michael buble at the garden, and he was spectacular. Fun, entertaining. He has you show on Thursday night, and he said, look, I can't talk to you after the show. I'm getting on a plane, I'm flying home, and my wife's going to deliver a baby in 6 hours. And I go, how many times have I heard that backstage at a show? Very elaborate ruse to dig out after the show. Dang, dude. It's like Michael. If you don't want to hang out, just say you don't want to hang out and he goes, no, my wife is going to have a baby, and she's going to have it in 6 hours. So this is prior to the show. I said, okay. Had it all planned out. She was going to be in the hospital and deliver their baby girl their fourth and went to the show and he put on a great performance. Yes, Tom. Safe to assume he proved he's not the Christmas guy that he can do this year round and he's not just that guy. I know he's a little sensitive about being the Christmas guy. I don't know if he played a Christmas song during the entire set, but he is a great entertainer. If you get an opportunity, go see Michael buble. He was a lot of fun. Yes, he, did you go by yourself or not someone? No, no. Those days are gone. It's a fair question. I have gone to shows by myself, famously went to Britney Spears by myself. You got to run that stuff by me, man. You should have ran that one back. I know. But you know what? I don't regret that. I don't regret going to Britney Spears by myself. I do not regret it because I went. I had a great seat, no lines for beer and she had like 7 or 8 outfit changes and we all had a great time. Michael buble a little bit different, but same number of outfits. But that was the big and I go backstage and all of a sudden I'm with one of my daughters and she goes, Kevin Jonas is here, and I go. Oh, okay. She goes, I know, but that's the Jonas Brothers. She goes, do you think Nick is here? I go, I have no idea. So then Michael buble comes in, says hello, and then he goes, I got one of the Jonas Brothers next door. Would you like to meet him? And I knew that my daughter wanted to meet him. I said, yeah, haven't come on in. So Kevin comes in, and I think he thinks I'm still on football night in America and he goes, hey, what do you guys opening up the season with? What I'm thinking. Let me see. Chief's bills. He goes awesome. Okay. All right. I said, you and fantasy goes, oh yeah, I'm in some fantasy leagues there. Couldn't have been a nicer guy. Met him and his wife. And then we went out and sat in the stands and at one point, Michael buble walks down the stages now, come all the way out into the crowd. So he's lights are on and he can see everybody, and I'm straight ahead. And he is singing and then he's asking everybody else to sing. And in front of everybody goes, Dan, are you singing? During the song. My wife got my wife goes, he just called you out. I go. I don't know the words to the song. Like a duet. Yeah. The first time I ever heard this. Oh my goodness. Michael buble feet Dan Patrick. Yes. Yeah. Alrighty. So welcome to the program already in progress. Anybody topping that story from vacation? Okay. Okay, you won. Yep. All right. And he celebrity sightings for anybody. Wow. All right. Probably should have gone over this prior to the show. Don't ask if we've seen other celebrities there. Okay. We're not exactly in postseason form right now. Don't take a couple of days. But we're back, and this is for the long haul. No vacation until after Christmas, I said to the dennett, let's go. Now we start our NFL season. And the question is, how are the Buccaneers Segway? Go to deal with this Tom Brady absence, apparently nobody's bothered by it. But this is what I don't understand. There are insiders. Who get paid a lot of money to break stories? Unless everybody's being sensitive to something that's going on in Tom Brady's life, nobody knows anything. And then there was a rumor in all address it just because it's fun. And I think it was on Reddit that maybe Tom Brady was taking time off because he was going to be The Masked Singer. That godforsaken show on Fox, the mask singer, which you lose a couple of IQ points when you watch it. And I'm thinking if Tom Brady would go on the mask singer. I mean, not a good look. Like I'm hoping that it's not that he went on the mask singer. I'm hoping it's not serious, but I'm hoping it's not. You know, this might be one of those where he says to his wife, hey, I'm retiring. All right, let's make some plans for later in the summer. So maybe you don't get that urge to want to play again. How about we go on vacation? Maybe. Kids going back to school. Maybe we get 7 to ten days. Do you think coach Bowles would be happy or okay with that? All right. So here's Todd Bowles, the Buccaneers head coach, talking about when Tom Brady will come back. Like I said, a week and a half ago, I said it'll be back this week, so that hadn't changed. We expect them back this week. Do you know yet which day it's going to be? It'll be this week early. Well, it's going to be Monday. It's going to be today. It's going to be maybe now. I don't know if he comes in and says, hey, this is where I've been, because the first question is going to be, well, the first 5 questions. Unless he says, I don't want to talk about this or in due time I can talk about this. But there's part of me that hopes it's The Masked Singer. Oh, no, no. But then there's part of me that hopes it's not. Because we're all about content. And plus, you have celebrities, so called celebrities, and just in case you haven't watched it. When they get ready to reveal who's under the butterfly or the armadillo or whatever it is. And then you're going, who? And then they throw out the wildest biggest names ever. And it's never close to that, but they'll throw out is it Denzel Washington? No, it's Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise got to be is Mick Jagger. It's gotta be Jagger. It's gotta be checkered. De Niro for sure. And then all of

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