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This week in the Florida. Just a moment and then we'll get into I'm so jealous to this guy in Maryland and I know there's some information coming out about schools in Rhondda Sanders and all of that stuff, but a short assured that it's going to be in this week in Florida, I could think of no more disturbing video than of me taking a shower except for the fact that I have an echo dot in my bathroom that I just use for shower jams. Yeah, and that's one of the songs that I'll just like volume that song right there the wrong. GRAYSON's. Are you ready to do this? Do it. Let's do this week in Florida. Recap of the most grown were these stories in the sweet. That's correct. The weekend is here. That means it's time to take a trip around the sunshine state and see some of the craziness that has gone on in the past seven days or more and I. Say more because this is one of my favorite this week in Florida's to do really because what is the this is the first time we've done it since. What happened Oh six vacation. Why did we say? That's probably a really ripe time for Florida News. It can be, and there is a Palm Bay man that just couldn't wait. He couldn't wait for the fourth of July so much so that he blew his hand off on July third. Forty two year old man suffered severe injury to his right hand from an exploding fireworks just before nine thirty pm on July third in Palm Bay provide county. Rescue crews responded to Care Street where the man was reported to have his hand blown off by the Independence Eve. Holiday blast, man They didn't identify the man. He was transported by ambulance as a trauma alert. You Get Lee Greenwood out of my segment now you know you Lee Greenwood free. This is delights favorite song. Everybody hate this. Business. Fast. Liked America. See Lay of America firework. A. Crowd of? America. I know I'm free to hate that song. You don't like America. Around thirteen thousand injuries sustained from fireworks in the US annually nearly one third of those injuries are inflicted to a hand or finger that they were gonNA say Florida. Probably adds up. I would like to know that metric as well and onto the next day, which is the fourth of July actual Independence Day of the day that they should be shooting off fireworks. there. This was not this was probably not done standing up. No this this woman probably wanted to proudly stand up and get off the pontoon boat. She was on because she found herself in a very stressful medical situation. Oh No, and that was. She was going Labor. In. Pinellas county baby on board has a brand new meaning for one Dunedin family. After a woman gave birth while celebrating the fourth of July on the water. John an Amber Easter. Day along with their two children took a pontoon boat out on old Tampa Bay Saturday. They had a boat reservation that day we were going to go out like we normally do. We had another family with us. They really helped out through all of this. And about thirty minutes in the boat ride. The contractions definitely started. Amber call her doctor had told me wait a little bit. And within forty minutes from the time I talked to him, the baby was out couldn't even make it back to the doctor to make the deliver. Back to the. Baby on four. Toss the after birth overboard or act. That the burial for the rest of the thing that's like Chum. Probably Work Chum the water with Placenta. Very, healthy nutritious fish, the tie off the umbilical cord with fishing wire, and the rest of the other families like Oh you're done with this baby having nonsense because I'm about to cast my line. This is a good chairman waters. Baby's doing. Anybody was wondering I just made onto. Maybe might not be. Come on. Don't ruin the world. Like woke up to seasickness. It's a little weird. It's okay we'll make the world better in three. Brass. Her Laptop is that something on Cam. GOVERNOR DOES ANTI SAYS IF WALMART IS OPEN? Schools should be open to true that. Because those two things are similar. Yes clean up on A. They both have walls, and even a Walmart people go into them and similarities android around their butts. You get a sticker, Smiley, face, sticker and school I'm missing the point of this. What was the announcement? I thought we already had agreed that kids were going back to school i. that's what they're saying. Although there's a big pushback from parents. Obviously, there's some that are pushing back some that are probably like sending these little bastards off, and then the ones in the middle like you know. We heard from dispatchers where they're like I. Don't know what to do because I want my child to have an education to have interaction and it's impossible to know when there's. A looming threat. It's tough spot over everybody but Governor Ron Santa's in his push to reopen classrooms. This fall, said Thursday. If retailers are allowed to operate, schools should be to. Claiming the risk of children getting sick is extremely extremely loyal. To said in a fast food, eateries and hardware stores could operate as essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic and schools should reopen as well. We'll see how that works out tuned in towards the end of it and he was giving advice on how to. Get back control or keep control numbers of good, and you see the stuff in day and he's like. Just follow the three C.'s. and. Something about close encounters close. Being close contact with somebody one of the first points is that if you going to be having a party? And I think I'm kind of add living here, but party was mentioned that has to be outside. You know because if you find yourself in a close in space with poor ventilation, it's likely that the risk is very high there, so it's a novel idea, but now the school be outside. Cool eventually eventually got to go back to school eventually and parents that are concerned I would say don't send your kid back to school if you're worried about it, but if you're a parent that is worried about the other side of the coin, your kid, not being socialized, and this kind of really wreaking havoc on your kids live, then do send them back I mean. This is really to meet coming down to two choices, people's choices and their own life and their own health, and their own decisions moving forward in this, but some at some point, the schools have to open. To reopen now we have not talked about this. A Daniel maples fellows that he is a guy who's gone viral after a video was posted to the social meets. Around June twenty-seventh Dante Social Media Why not? All Saints Social Means Lee Greenwood. Hates it. If I wrote this beautiful song about this beautiful country, see lane hate someone I love this country. Greenwood is Panera. He's like you know what. People who hate this country and SOC me? y'All. Ready for key change. Anyway. This guy was A. The Florida Cosco Shopper. Who was went ballistic after I don't I haven't heard the you. The clip I do all I know that the guy went nuts and costco and he got. Right, he does. He is now lost his job. That's updated membership. That's the real it, he. This is the clip him where he goes ballistic on an old woman. WHO's asking him to wear a mask..

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