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Station Use station K t a R on hair 92 3 FM online at K T A. R calm and streaming Live on the KTs are new zap, You're breaking news and traffic. Now it's 2 30. I'm Jackie Lynn. Here's our top stories. Coronavirus in Arizona. Our state's health director wants everyone to know the state is not just throwing away Corona virus vaccine, so doses expiring or the doses just being thrown away. That is very, very different, and that is not what is happening in our communities. Doctor care. Chris clarifies that In most cases, problems with syringes and vials made doses unusable. More than 500 doses of the cove in 19 vaccine were discarded. And in America, but county between mid December and mid January. Katya our eyes on education. Our biggest hurdle continues to be the high community spread of coca 19 in our communities. Arizona's public schools chief highlights the challenges facing students, teachers and other school staff. Katie Briers Griselda is Latino joins us live with more on that, state Superintendent Cathy Hoffman tells the mic broom head. He's happy to see our covert 19 numbers going down by according to our school benchmarks. Every single county and Arizona is still in the red. Because of that some schools have remained closed, she adds. There are students whose families don't have health insurance or live in multigenerational homes. So for them the fear of getting sick, even if it's a more mild case brings a lot more weight with it, Hoffman stresses It's up to each school district to decide whether to open her close schools. Reporting live. I'm grizzled The city. No. Katya. Our news For all the news on the pandemic in Arizona, Go to Katie Jr dot com slash coronavirus. Katya our eyes on immigration. On his first day in office, President Biden halted deportations for 100 days and now Arizona is suing over it or new policy. Halting deportations is illegal. Katya ours. Martha Mauer just spoke with Attorney General Mark Burnett Bitch and joins us live with more Becky, our state's attorney general says since that order already more than two dozen illegal immigrants have been released into our community right here in Arizona, and that is a problem. The sheriffs have expressed very strongly. They're concerned that people have been released, possibly without being covert tested, Possibly that have Cove it without any sort of coordination with local officials. Mark Burnett, which tells Katie are the Department of Homeland Security also violated a signed agreement with Arizona to give 180 days notice before making changes to immigration policy and a chance to give input. You can read more on this lawsuit at Katie Jr dot com. Live in the new center. I Martha Mauer, Katya our news. It is time for a traffic check. Here's Larry Lewis of the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Well, Becky Lin family freeways doing with.

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