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Is NewsRadio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's place, to talk Oklahoma's first news NewsRadio one thousand k. t. okay last, time we had this guy on he. Had just finished a masterful complete work on Star Trek the TV show and the, movie series this time he turns his attention to battle star galactica and it's called so say we all the. Complete, uncensored unauthorized history. Of battle star galactica Mark Altman how well I, remember that TV show yeah I'll tell you I. Think that here we are forty, years later, and it's something that people still remember really fondly and, I think that's why we, you know, after we did Star Trek and Buffy with slayers vampires it was kind of like you know is there another story to tell where the story hasn't, been well told that you know people actually care about, and it immediately dawned on us that you know galactica would be celebrating his. Anniversary and I it's such a fascinating story, because the, two shows could not, be more different and yet they're. Both wonderful and their own you. Know. Have their own distinct Measures so you know for us that was no brainer to revisit battle star galactica new book so say we all would there have, been a galactica without Star Wars because I know it, hit ABC right after the Star Wars craze that's a great question I mean. You know Mark Hamill jokes that galactica should, have been, called battle star copycat You know we was sued by FOX and Lucasfilm, for infringing on the Star Wars copyrights but you. Know I think we talked about this in the book star way yes it made it possible to do the. Show on television and certainly encouraged ABC to program a. Big epic space opera but if you. Look at the, show it's really a western, and it's a story about family and I it's not a Star Wars rip off. At all, even though John Dykstra who. Did the effects for Star Wars was involved in Ralph, mcquarry. Designed all the spaceships so there are elements that are redolent of Star Wars galactic is definitely its. Own unique show and, of course that concept of these. Aliens the survivors of an interstellar. Genocide who are, trying to find earth as a sanctuary you know he's such a novel. Concept it's it's really unique in the annals of science fiction television so I tend to to to to not subscribe to the whole idea. To Star Wars rip. Off and, if it, is it's a lot more than that Mark Altman is with us He's. The co author of soci- we all, the complete uncensored on authorized oral history a battle star galactica I'm, glad you mentioned that it is kind of a. Space western and I guess that's why Lorne Greene was so comfortable in the role yeah he couldn't have been. More comfortable you know I mean here we have the. Starve bonanza playing another patriarch of another. Family and there's, a great story someone tells, them to book where these kids come up to him at a dodger game for. His autograph, and he looks at them. And he goes bonanza and the kids shake their head, now. Because oh well balanced our galactica right and he goes the shake their heads no and he goes. Well what do you, want my autograph for and they. Go out though you know Wanted him. Because, he was the, face, of Alpo dog food so that that's? Gotta be gotta crush your, man Vigo If he were still alive I'd want his autograph because of his hit single Ringo which nobody remembers I absolutely and you know Lauren green I think that show a lot of gravitas you know he brought. A lot, and what was wonderful and talking to the cast is. How much, they truly loved him you know a lot of times the stars of these iconic series you know you start, to? Talk. To people and they're saying, all these awful things and it sort of destroys your, childhood right yeah Lorne Greene to a fault everyone, just said, that he was such a sweet and wonderful man who really was everything you'd want number one on the call. Sheet to, be that's always read that about him he I think. He and, I think that's because of his old school Hollywood upbringing he knew it was the business he knew it was, show? Business Because he. Was an old school radio man. You know well that too yeah I mean you know that's true he. Started. A. News broadcast on the radio in in Canada invented the backwards clock yeah, yeah the backward running stop watch which for. Those of us in the business we all know we, have to back time you need to know how much time you have left not what's what's moving forward in the time that we have left Mark Altman a? Little about the reboot, about all star galactica was that disappointing to some fans I. Think, you know he went through the same evolution that a Star Trek yet ironically. We're when they announced, the next generation fan said without Kirk Spock and McCoy you don't have me and it took a. While for certain original. Series fans to warm up to the new Star. Trek and, eventually they did I think it was the same thing with galactic I mean you had people like. Richard hatch who'd been who were very anti the remake or the reimagined nation and eventually many, of them did warm up today because they realized it was, a different show and it was great in its own on its, own, merits but? It, was very. Diff Much darker much edgier it was much more product. Of. Its. Time and completely different than the original show but I think to this, day there still are some galactica fans that. You know having embraced it and they just can't get, past the memories of of of their childhood or but you know I personally must huge fan of both I think they both have marriage I think that you? Can enjoy both in, this whole idea of pitting shows against each other and the. Gladiatorial, arena you know I it doesn't serve them well I mean I'm just happy. That both exists to, be honest and we're talking to Mark Altman who has written so say we all the complete uncensored. On authorized oral history. Of battle star galactica on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay and, Mark getting back to the comparisons with Star Wars I I often look back on Star Wars and. Movies of that period and TV shows of that period realizing they didn't have digital effects that, didn't have CGI were some of the effects used on the, small screen version of battle Star galactica borrowed. From. Lucasfilm's well you know that's a really good question because. I'll, tell you something when they hired John Dykstra who just come off his Star Wars revolutionized visual effects. And now here was a guy who using a lot of the same literally the same equipment to create the visual effects for Glaxy guy and now when you talk to him. And Richard, edlund they actually feel. That some of their effects work, on galactica was better than what, they did on Star. Wars because they set a learned star was was the cutting, edge by the time they got the galactica they took the lessons of Star Wars and applied it to galactica and it's true I. Mean there is, no CG so a lot of. People say, oh my God by episode sixteen it's all stock footage it's all stuff we've already seen of the ships blowing up but that's. Because it was so time consuming to create using miniatures and and and and optical composite ING motion capture. Do these, effects but I mean some of those miniatures are gorgeous. I mean I, don't think there's a better looking ship other than, the starship enterprise in the, battle star galactica in the nineteen seventy eight here's in that at. The, time cost, fifty thousand dollars that miniature the shows were million dollars an episode I mean there was a lot of man being lavished, on it and. In fact we talk a lot about the influence Star Wars not only in the book but we do podcast called the fourth Thirty movie. And it, talks about what you said the impact of Star Wars on shows.

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