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It comes to blending his athleticism assim with his pocket passing skills. He has grown into quite a remarkable franchise quarterback. Yeah and one thing. I'll say a real quick on that Watson is phenomenal. No but the way that the Texans have gone out to try to support him not just on the offensive line but at running back with Carlos Hyde at running back with do Johnson. Even the latest trainer Gary Connolly he got he got targeted a few times in this game by Derek Carr got beat a couple of times it looked like I haven't watched the all twenty two yet but he stepped up on a huge plate the into the game on at third and sixteen and Russell the ball away from tyrel Williams till force a raiders point. I thought that was huge. So we're kind of seeing all these moves move to the Texans have made pay off real quick. And then we'll get to the next one my point. Just with the raiders. If you look at it right now projection based off. What he's he's done thus far this season Josh Jacobs projected to finish the season with fourteen hundred and seventeen rushing yards and touchdowns so they have their back again? Just a solid game. Amy's four point four carries just consistent on the season. He's averaging five yards a carry so he's been outstanding. The raiders definitely a big building block for their future. That's what a first first round running back looks like and I'll take us to the next takeaway. This should have been a first round wide receiver. A man of international acclaim. supercup makes history in London. Ten Ten ten are score with four minutes remaining in the half supercup emotion from the left side. It's give and now it's an end around a toss back for a flea flicker they've got throws right side appealed cooper cop with split down the right sideline he will take it down in and around. rebours talk back flea flicker six. That was unbelievable. Unbelievable play the also the move that w webb made on the ground in that play go back and watch that he looked like a Wurley. Bird's yeah watch out for the Loch Ness Turf. So here's what I say about Cooper Cup. You put it into historical context with the rams. They've had some phenomenal nominal. Receivers and that organization Isaac Bruce Torry Holt Henry Ellard a top three all-time and rams receiving yardage flipper Anderson. Not too far down the line but also has the NFL record for most receiving yards in a single game with three hundred thirty six. There was a time in this game or Cooper couples on pace to break that record. You know one hundred in the first quarter and then ended up with two twenty which is the most ever in front of an international audience in the NFL. But Cooper Cup will ah if he stays in. La Ram will end up as one of the best if not the best rams receiver with the way that he's been playing. It's absolutely no question that they're the passing game runs through Cooper Cup in every one of his receptions in this game win for either a first down or touchdown that's a clutch player. He's the key to they're passing. Offense lucky is a key to their passing offense. He's been a terrific player he is Jerry. Golf's security blanket I think the thing that we can see from the La Rams is when they play play cleaned football on offense meaning. They don't turn the ball over to have a limited amount of penalties. This team is still as good as any team in the national football league. I think Sean McVeigh has to continue to do is kind of get back to the basics as stay on track I think is easy for creative office coordinators to get a little cute and to try and do too much I think when the rams keep it simple and they keep the main thing the main thing I think we've seen this office continue to be very effective in the national football league when you play zone against the Rams you get what Oh you deserve to carve you up. Do not do it. I don't understand they stay in zone. I we're going to exile on aftermath. I'll show you three dig routes where it is. I mean it's still as Pitcher catcher ever GONNA see. It's just so easy and they just kept doing it over and over again. They kept going three by one buck and they would just just wear them out. What those dig routes in okay to me at some point? I know your zone team. You got to challenge these guys. Get up and challenge him. When you're getting torched like this you gotta get up in their face and try and challenge? They've never happened in this football game. It was bizarre. I mean the bangles are the worst total defensive football for a reason. Yeah I mean look look this is. This is all those nick. I feel like the game. The plan was flawed from the start. And you're right. DJ The blueprint is out there for how you deal with the La Rams you gotta play tough and challenged wide. Receivers at the line of scrimmage you gotTa Bring Heat Jared Golf. You cannot let him throw from Grassy Knoll and just have all day let these guys find over windows because they are carve you up and for whatever reason being that was the best approach and we saw the result two in your day for Kubrick up in a big win for the rams are. I'll keep it moving here. Boys let's Let's go onto the game. I was at the chargers. I'm going to get to my main point point. which is the red zone defense of the charges? But I do want you to hear the last play the game both the happy version and the sad version. I guess we could start out with the happy version here with Matt. Money Smith method call in euro for the win. The chargers kick his up and it is no good. The chargers win no good Pineyro Mrs and the chargers losing streak comes to an end they make just enough plays get out of Chicago with a victory. That's the happy version. Let's go sad. Version here come on operations gotta be smooth scales. Come on Eddie. Tolan Editors snap placement down viadana kicked by Eddie Pineyro kick. He's up no good. He missed it. Time expires the seventeen sixteen chargers the win was small and the chargers. Aw Game losing streak. That's not right. Thought it was good. I thought it was good. Alzheimer's good I go ahead real real quick. Just a quick reaction to that. I hate bagging on the kickers. But was there anybody watching that kick. That thought it was going to go in. I mean I'm sitting there like this. This is GonNa be the most serious thing ever swirling alright either team to me the king of the game guys. Yeah go ahead. What was going to say if the chargers would have had a game when he kicked kick we all would have thought they missed to true? Expect a game winning kick. Yeah so so unbelievable fair point when when I looked at his game and I'm watching this game and I just want it would make either team like when I look at the bears. The bears kind of hodgepodge collection like their defense. This is pretty good. Their offense is a bag of trick. Plays that have to be executed flawlessly over the course of the game for the in the score touchdowns and then their quarterback look. I mean people have taken taking him to task. I even took him to task last week but he is not what you would expect him to be a second overall. Pick and is really really hard for a team to play around the quarterback position. Matt Nagy can do but they have to do something. Because I feel like this defense has a loaded roster and I feel like they're going to waste the prime of the careers years of these guys that have on defense. Well guys look when you when you watch this game it was red zone defense For the chargers that bailed them out because the bears had so many opportunities and in those red zone opportunities to me was a clear lack of faith in your quarterback and that goes from Matt Nagy directly to Mitchell trubisky. And there's people people that you'll hear that think it's all trubisky's people think it's all Nagy's faults to me. There's a lack of confidence. And there's a trust issue in that relationship and I'll give you a couple examples third nine in the red zone a third and goal from the nine they try and run just like a draw to Tariq Cohen. It gets like two yards. It's a give play on third nine not even trying to attack. Oh you go before the half the sequence before the half twenty five seconds left. It's second down. They have no timeouts. So your choices are I can run it but I can only run at once if I run it. We don't score. We've got to get on the ball. Quick Spike and kick the field goal from the one yard line or I get to cracks at it if I want to throw it. If I want to put the ball my quarterbacks hands we have to pass asked if we don't do anything with them try out there and kick the field goal it's one chance versus to an aggie chose I would rather have one chance with the run game versus two chances with the passing in game and that told me all I needed to know about that relationship. Zero confidence seemed like all over the field on that game for the bears. I think you're absolutely right on on that one Buck you want to What do you got here off the forty niners little like title contenders Jimmy Ward Barry? McCaffrey impeach grabbing him around the shoulder pads and hedge first. McCaffrey needs a playoff. Reggie white are separate postal. Picks it back up. He's reading back the cuts. It cycle twenty mix finally drop posts. He held her sept- at the quick. Screen offline doc laughed pin drop. The ball tick up forty one yards but he wanted to go. There is no doubt. It is the best defensive Lineman I've seen since all that Smith and I think he's better when you look at his complete game. Wow this season Jason Smith and all the fields. It's free to good look. Here's here's what I'm saying about the San Francisco Forty niners why they little like title contenders dominant..

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