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In virginia the race to become the commonwealth republican candidate for governor is entering its final week. Wmu's allies schweitzer spoke with ezra trauma. Kelly on what to expect at the may eighth nomination convention around fifty. Three thousand delegates will be casting ballots for republican candidates. Gov- governor and attorney general and this race has been a little messy. There are seven republicans running for governor so the party chose to go with ranked choice voting which means the nominee will be whoever wins the majority of votes as opposed to plurality which is how most elections work. And it's partly for this reason that one candidate state senator amanda chase who is aligned very closely with donald trump has accused the convention of being rigged against her Essentially because it can be tough for populous chase to get a majority of votes that said The party made its decision and vote will go on. So within a couple of days after the convention will know which republicans will be facing the democrats in november. Virginia dem's have their primary of course on june eighth and that has a slim chance of being an historic primary. Because to black women are running for governor there of course former state delegate jennifer carroll foy and state senator john mcclellan and terry mcauliffe is the front runner in that race in. We'll see if any of the other candidates can topple him. You can learn more about these stories by visiting. C s dot com. Thanks for joining us. Were considered this from npr. Listen again next time. We'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere in your world. I'm jonathan wilson..

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