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And family use or be politicians taking advantage of confidential information to benefit themselves financially or see a and B. the answer in B. or D. none of the above or easy I don't know I don't care so and boy the the answers in the comments were fascinating you can still comment on that yourself if you like related to this behavior bike becoming a Facebook friend and again I would be honored that way you get these interesting articles through the week plus commentary that I provide that we just don't have enough time to squeeze in to this very busy program that we have here every week I'd like to it would be great if we had the ability to we just don't sell the spillover and the tremendous volume of information is provided there on both my website and the Facebook and Instagram and I hope you'll go over there check it out and become a Facebook friend I would be honored it's all there at doctor Bob dot com spell out the word Dr D. O. C. T. O. R. Bob dot com you may find things you won't find anywhere else and that would be a good thing especially if it improves or helps you with your most precious possession your health now a little bit later in the hour I'm gonna be talking about how hospitals and doctors seem to be bidding to vitamin therapies to help fight covert nineteen disease which I find very interesting and I've got some comments on that and other things plus this week's installment of the health alternative of the week that's coming up in order to introduce you to a special guest that we're going to be interviewing here in just a little bit as well so stand by for for all that now as I mentioned during the first hour of the show cancer is a very serious disease everybody knows that it strikes fear in people just the C. word cancer god forbid you ever ever have a diagnosis of that and as I mentioned radio talk show host icon Rush Limbaugh he is struggling right now with lung cancer and he went up he under went a chemotherapy he had bad bad reaction to his chemotherapy and had to be a lot of it now is looking for alternative treatments I'm just hoping that he finds sunridge Medical Center but but but when you think about it when you think about that poll that I've discussed with you in the past that was out of the medical school up in Canada McGill cancer center and an associate with their McGill medical school there in Quebec Canada they did a big pole of doctors asking them okay so doctors if you've got cancer yourself or somebody in your family would you opt for chemotherapy for yourself for your family seventy five percent of them said no they would refuse chemotherapy and then I'll tell you something yeah I don't I tell you something about the risks associated with the lack of results so if you or somebody you know has a serious illness like cancer or an auto immune disease and there are over seventy of maybe eighty or more of those and you're not getting results or you're even afraid to step into the slippery slope.

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