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Advances here. But all we have right now is the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with solicitation of prostitution in Jupiter. Florida police said craft was one of twenty five people to be charged as part of a month long investigation. The police said so Robert Kraft one of twenty five people to be charged as part of a month long investigation. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft again is been charged with solicitation of prostitution in Jupiter, Florida moving. Don Nelson sound plays. Justice. But that on the Paul Billy is it more legal now than it's ever been. It's never been legal. It is legal. Now. What is Don Nelson Nellie? I'm with him. It's more legal now wasn't legal before hence any sort of legality. Now would make it more legal. Right. That puts me in a very very very happy place rocket a here. Don, Nelson one more time, please this last night at Golden State could do this now because they have some history. They must have championships they can start bringing people back and honoring that at Don Nelson was part of whatever they were doing last night and Golden State body stole the show by saying this. Poorly. By the way, the voices you hear their believers, Stephen Jackson. Yep. Jason Richardson, Baron Davis. Don nelson. And then I wanna say don't quote me on Monty Monty was there to really this is all the we believe warriors that bringing them back in honoring them they're coming to the game on Saturday four done. So they played around Nelson. Was there? Those guys are probably thinking man we were getting high while you were right? I mean, probably I'm not saying they were they were probably thinking that. Right. I think you have to kind of catch that with more journalistic I say, well has it. Stephen Jackson, come out and said something like that. Said they had a drink. Oh, get the games from the club inside the arena, and the drink was called simply the best or nothing that would. Wake you take. You have black and my deck. I do. We are well dad's not here and Mike is out now stands out. So we when that happens things down the fall apart. And so we are communicating via dry erase board. Chris Cody is holding up a dry erase board. He is jiggling around and he has circled the callers that he thinks are good. We've been going in and out of the tire show. So don't have to set it all up again, that's exhausting, and I really have to fake what I'm going to do with the block. Now, designing a nervous wreck. And I don't blame everyone in DC for being equally as nervous about more nervous. I'm good. Man. Good Christie, good. I'm good. Allison. Let's to a biz biz go ahead. You're on wake take you on ESPN radio. Hey, guys. Oh, wearing my to God's army Bhutia right now. Thank you. Do got that one question for you. Or the rest of your life. Only one championship from your favorite team. You. You..

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