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Did go too far. Ejecting results. I'm going to say out of bounds here because it is a role right? The umpire is in charge of safety as well as making balls and strikes and Alps and saves and everything else. So I'm going to say it out balance. I don't think he went too far. I think he shot to make an example of someone, and he did. Anything significant? It doesn't affect the outcome of the game at all. So I'm okay with it. It's kind of fun. I mean inbounds. There's got to be a common sense clause. I know that there's rules, but there's got to be a subset to the rule. Where common sense creeps in. He doesn't know that nobody is in that box with him. He doesn't know. But then how does he know that weight? So you tell me his vantage point he could see him in the suite. Without a mask, but he can't see that nobody's around them. It could be other people in the air around them, and nobody was in the suite. I know, but it could have been like it a lot of time for know that I don't know yet, but it is plausible that somebody was there and they walked out. Listen, I understand you're a rule's a rule and pertaining to this. Our family's been massed up for minute one. I get it, but we're still messed up. But I think that You know, if you're going to make people wear masks and stands, then why wouldn't they make him wear it on the field? That's what I don't. I don't I don't understand that beyond it, and that's not on Joe West. That's just agree. That's a big issue. Just in general. I agree with you on that, you know, But Joe West flexes too hard and he could have gone about it a different way. I didn't like the way he executed that so for that, I say in Mt. Are you in or are you out of this was crazy over the weekend, The U. S open tennis thrust on a center stage. 17th time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic was forced to forfeit his match. For accidentally hitting a lineswoman in the throat and frustration Now he didn't speak to the media, which is weak. He left sent an apology on social media. But tennis legend John McEnroe, who of course had a ton of fits himself back in the day. Told ESPN quote. He's going to be the bad guy for the rest of his career and quote your joke of it should not have had to forfeit for his seemingly inadvertent actions route that's out of bounds. He definitely had to forfeit. I mean, he drilled this woman. I mean, somewhere regards its not it's. You always got to be paying attention, especially when these guys are on the court. But action was stopped. He was walking over to take a seat. He was he was upset me. He whacked a tennis ball, and it just caught her perfectly. You could have hit her anywhere else, and it would have been Perfectly fine. It called it right where it hurts the most and calls her to gasp for breath and go to a knee. Yeah, yeah, The Count's Carrie. I'm going to say out of bounds here. He deserved to be forfeit that game because it's a rule again goes back to Joe West. You know a different sport, different circumstances, A rule's a rule, and he broke the rules. Totally great. There's no other way to interpret this the way he did it. You know, if you want to be fair, you know you could learn a lot about like immediate reaction where it's not contrived or and his immediate reaction. Almost Almost like the ball was hitting the racket You could tell because he became withdrawn and he was like, shrieked and Haris for that. That's not what I wanted to do. And I believe it. I don't think that he was trying to kill the four lines. Woman, you know, put that was scary. And I don't know how many MPH that thing was. He obviously didn't wasn't overhand sir. Very blessed in 140 Miles an hour, but That thing had a have 70 MPH zip on it and he, you know, he's a pro tennis player little flick, and that he's a great one little flick of the wrist..

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