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It's definitely it's more strange than anything else is just didn't know what to make of it. Are you someone who's attached to your belongings? Not particularly I mean, I like the things I like, but but I feel like. Ultimately, it's just stuff and most stuff is replaceable in a way, it feels like a potential for a clean start. Yeah. When I moved from. In town lived in a big old Spanish house filled with antiques when I moved to Malibu, I moved to this very empties N house and that felt good. And this seems like an even more radical version of that where there's no house or stuff you've gone back to the oh, my Lord, traveling very light. Yeah. Have you talked to other people many there? Lots and lots of musicians Malibu, many musicians, many, friends and some people are reacting differently. Some people are really hysterical starkly upset some people are concerned with losing specific things. But there's the the reality of the situation. There isn't much to think about whatever energy put into thinking about it won't change the situation. And it was thinking about it of all the you ask about the stuff. And when I was thinking about it last night. I got a little sad when. I was kind of envisioning walking through the house. The the thing that made me saddest with trees, the trees are these big beautiful old trees that have been there for at least one hundred years. Yeah. And. You can always build a house, but the trees will never be those trees and so much of the personality of the place for me was the setting of the trees. So in that way. I started thinking, oh really is a loss because those trees will likely not be there will you return to Malibu, I don't know. This was going to be broken record. Brought to you from Shangrila in beautiful Malibu. But now it's something else. So keep that in mind as you listened to the part of our conversation. The part that follows it was recorded in Malibu that doesn't exist anymore at little oasis. That is no longer a says, the grass is green sky was blue the trees beautiful. We sat in the main studio at Shangrila, all jumpy and ramped up as always Rick barefoot sitting crosslegged on one of the couches in the central studio. Talking softly like the OJ that he is. Appier time. Back then I had to ask about one of the Rick Rubin. Urban legends about the time. He played the famous New York punk club CBGB's in high school with his band, the pricks did he or did he not have his dad dress up in a policeman's uniform and shut down the show because the pricks too extreme even for CBGB's is true. The do really menu. It's possible. I honestly don't remember. But it's possible. And I remember even with early days of the beastie, boys. We would sort of manufacturer an incident Mia just exciting situations. Yeah. Yeah. This. This is consistent with your understanding of your dad's personality that he would play law. He would do that. Okay. Any any opportunity to perform as a policeman? Do you ever go back and listen to the music you played at that age? I do not. I haven't heard it in a long time. Yeah. What do you think? You would how do you think? You would. I don't honestly listen back to music I worked on at any point really not so much. Why is that? Just kind of moving forward. Yeah. I I rarely read things that I also think when you put a lot of time into something you've already spent time with it. If you've spent a thousand hours on a book, you don't want to spend more time you've really done that. Yeah. So same with music, we work on it for a long time. And by the time, it's done. It's done. Yeah. Yeah. Was there a point where you decided you would rather producing make music than perform it. I was on tour with the beastie, boys. The first beastie boy tour was opening from Donna, which was Madonna's. I tore the virgin beastie, boys. Open from dawn in from. Debbie's hilarious. Larry's..

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