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I'm Barbara Klein public schools in Denver and Littleton. Colorado are closed today. While police searched for an eighteen year old woman who they say is made threats just days ahead of the twentieth. Anniversary of the massive shooting at Columbine high school FBI special agent dean Philip says the woman traveled for Miami to the Denver area where she purchased a pump action shotgun because of her comments and actions. Because of for her. Travel here to the state because of her procurement of a weapon immediately upon arriving here. We concern we consider her to be a credible threat thirties described the woman as being quote infatuated with the Columbine attack. And Isreaeli court has ruled in favor of deporting the local director of Human Rights Watch who's accused of supporting a boycott of Israel from Jerusalem NPR's Daniel estrin reports the rights group denies the allegation and Isreaeli district court is giving Omar shack or two weeks to leave the country. The court says he promotes a boycott with tweets against international groups, holding activities in Jewish settlements in the Israeli occupied West Bank, human rights. Watch says it will appeal. The ruling if rejected shocker could be the first person deported from Israel on boycott charges NPR's Daniel estrin, this is NPR. The Trump administration is due to announce this morning. A major shift toward Cuba officials say it'll allow lawsuits against foreign companies that operate in properties that were seized from Americans after the nineteen fifty nine revolution. The European Union today reiterated its opposition to the measure Egyptians are awaiting the announcement of a date to vote on extending presidential terms and increasing the powers of the military NPR's. Jane raff reports Egypt's parliament has overwhelmingly voted for constitutional amendments that could keep President Abdel Fattah Sisi in power until twenty thirty parliament is stacked with C supporters. So that was expected proponents say see see who came to power after a military coup needs more time for economic reforms and mega-projects capital. But there are opponents and international censorship-monitoring organiz. Net. Blocks says the government has blocked more than thirty four thousand internet domains. Apparently, stop a no campaign that says it's collected a quarter of a million signatures Jana raff NPR news. On Asian stock markets, the Shanghai composite and Japan's Nikkei rose. Nearly a third of a percent today. Shares also rose in Taiwan and Singapore, Hong Kong's Hang sang was little changed. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news five thirty two now five thirty three and looking ahead toward the forum program heard later this morning among the guests. We'll hear from psychotherapists Lori Gottlieb who joins the program to talk about her new book. Maybe you should talk to someone about the overlapping struggles, she finds among her patients and our own experiences in therapy. We'll also look at the new documentary unsettled seeking refuge in America, which follows four LGBTQ refugees from Syria, Congo and angled forum. We'll talk with the film's director and producer Tom shepherd. Michael Krasny will be your host for the forum program will bring you those topics and more coming up from nine to eleven this morning here on cake. I'm.

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