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66 in dollars and the kale. I have used time now. 706 Governor, Abbott says masks can no longer be required in Texas schools after June 4th constitutional attorney David Cole Expects the governor's executive order to get some push back. The governor clearly has power toe regulate administrative things like mask wearing that sort of thing about things that are organs of state government. But school district's are a little different in the education. 80 is independent administrative agency of our state government governor doesn't usually tell them what to do Governors also barring local governments and local health departments from issuing mask mandates. Order comes as coded trends in Texas continue to fall. This is one of the issues will discuss with Don Ho finds coming up at 7 17. Ellis County Judge Clay Jenkins among those pushing back on governor. Abbot's new Mask. Order written statement taken said that the order deviated from the CBC's guidance for unvaccinated people, The full statement reads quote. Private businesses are free to set reasonable guidelines to keep their employees and customers safe. But local government and school district's under the governor's order are not in a public health emerge. And see leaders do well when they follow the science and poorly when they've been to politics. Kim Lampkin scale. AF NEWS DeSoto I S D is hosting an information session about its plans for hybrid learning for the fall semester. Valerie Morris with the DeSoto Eyes, D says in the midst of a pandemic, the hybrid model would be the best way to meet students needs fall. Staying safe. Third through eighth grade students will learn away from school two days per week and at school three days per week. We would all today the third through fifth graders would be there. Mondays and Wednesdays. Six FT. 2/8 graders will be there Tuesday that those days and then on Friday all students would come together, he says. This model has helped to keep students engaged. Registration begins. May 28th CAT BONZAI Raquel I have NEWS Sarah County Public health officials working with schools to get students vaccinated public health director of any teenager. Says that they have hosted pop up clinics in the four schools and will host an event this weekend at the Bob Bolen complex for students and parents and conversations with several.

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