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Well we should make a night call night quilt eating contest we had at our high school there was like some some like throwback county fair type event said what just makes me think of stand by me oh yeah that to know piloting contest will not make me think of all throwing up real real in every action of that happened at our high school awesome i'm not gonna make you but we'll just say it was exactly the same sounds four i was like that's a state fair fair and general thing i will never be able to enjoy again i mean the run fares you should go i drink a breakfast beer which i don't think of ever done this this someone go calling are you sure it wasn't just because you were drinking a beer in the morning yeah eleven in the war in the warning it wasn't like a coffee slavers stout andrew order to guinness and he was like i'd like to try what if these irish beers i've been the colonies fetch me when also the people working the beer booth are so drunk yeah i'm sure it's a little you know i mean it ends at seven two could see where it would get a little sloppy after hours but it's fine it's fun for a little bit is it going so by the time you hear this podcast it will be over no i think it goes like it goes into the month may everybody talking about nice it's a big a big fun thing to do for a little bit shadow to irwindale pig fun thing to for also like the the place where it is is like this big fake lake that is really cool that just kind of reminds me of zodiac reminds me of the the beach tunes journey.

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