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Eli for more than three decades. He was the lead singer of Ari the They made fifteen albums together and then they split up in twenty eleven after that stipe showed up occasionally like an Elf on a shelf. Delve on Stephen Colbert old comedy central. Show I have acquired so many meaningful keepsakes leftover Vaca Products Pints of American dream. And my one of kind Michael Stipe. Who has been sitting on my shelf over there for three years but someone does me? Hey that's you and the corner me in the spotlight. Read your contract. Recently Stipe got back into a music studio and he celebrated a big birthday happy. Belated Birthday. Thank you I'm sixty years old now. I see it on the horizon for myself. I'm a nineteen sixty kid myself. There you go well. It's not so scary. I have to say it's a little less frightening than fifty. That's good to hear. Stipe recently released two singles his his first solo work since REM and each song comes with a beautiful music video music As as big of an impact and as much as as big of a part is it has played in my in my in my past my history music creates a wall between me and the rest of the world. Because I think I'm a bit of a control freak and when I work on something I want it to to be really not just good. It's GonNa be great or it doesn't go out into the public and I was that way with rem for thirty two years that's heavy carrying So so when are in disbanded. I needed to take a break. I needed to not think about music for a while and It kind of crept back in. And then I found myself working with this group of people that empathetic in particular any La- Monster singer-songwriter engineer and producer. And who's a great friend. We we started writing on synthesizer and I'm not a musician I played classical piano as a child and played accordion as a as a third grader. But but I don't know how to play any instrument and yet How to compose and how to put music together in a way? That's that's arresting and An inspired is something that I've been surrounded by my whole life and so anyway it was a grand experiment. Can I compose. Can I write my own music. And it turns out him. I'm I'm not bad at it. I would have play the song that you did with Andy La- master this is called capricious soul.

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